Three years ago I created The Teenage Royalty with the purpose to show my readers what was happening inside Young Hollywood, the new faces that were starting to become famous and to share a bit of my writing and the things that I liked the most. Therefore its name, The Teenage Royalty. Today, my personal corner has become one of the things that I’m most proud of. Through out these three years, I've become a bolder person, wiser, more interested in the world surrounding me concerning my three main interests: fashion, music and art. So, now, I feel capable of talking about the three of them and sharing my own opinions and understanding what others think.
Three years ago I never thought I would be standing where I am today concerning my blog. This space has become a friend to me, where I can write and spend my time exploring my personal interests and also learning. Besides, many things that I never though would happen when I created this blog became a reality to me. I have been featured in a national magazine. I've been invited to so many cool events. I’m now sponsored by one of the most amazing make-up brands in the entire world and a clothing line that I love so much. I've had the best time of my life participating on Bloggers Battle and at Fashion Awards, not to mention several Fashion Weeks which happens to be one of the most hectic times of my year. But, most of all, I've met lots of people who were always really nice to me and supported my endeavors not matter what. Some of them became my friends and we always have an amazing time together. That’s one of my favorite parts, meeting new people who share the same interests as me. The human part is my favorite, to attend fashion shows and events where you see faces that you don’t see anywhere else.
But none of this could have happened without you. You are the main reason why I do this (almost) everyday. To know that there are people that like to read what I write and that comment and tell me there opinions is the coolest thing about blogging. So I owe you a special thank you Teens. You’ve been beyond amazing with me, supporting me in everything. Thank you for the time you spend here everyday, that’s an honor to me. And thank you for helping me getting where I stand today. None of this would have been possible without you.
I’m curious to know where this blog will lead me throughout this next year. And I hope you are curious too. Will you come on this trip with me? I hope so.



7 comentários:

Francisco Silva disse...

Parabéns pelo percurso do blog e por todo o trabalho que tem envolvido, é um vicio saudável! :)

Inês de Castro disse...

Parabéns Rita! Foste uma das inspirações que me levou a criar o meu blogue, por isso muito obrigada.

Ana Rita d'Almeida disse...

Congrats soul <3


Anthea Lau disse...

great to know your goals and nice shot xo
would you like to follow each other?

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Ana Lúcia disse...

parabéns and keep going :)


Scarlett disse...

Adorei o blog , é viciante parabéns :)

Cacao disse...

Parabéns R!

By the way... don't ever ever do that with your perfume...! Não se esfrega os pulsos depois de pôr perfume! Estraga a pirâmide olfactiva ;)