This past week wasn’t properly easy. I have to confess that being away from home, from my boyfriend, my parents, my friends and family has been harder than I thought it would be. Being on top of the mountain in Switzerland has its good things like having a beautiful view, amazing food and great people to be surrounded by. But being in place where there’s basically anything to do, for an active person like me, it’s very hard. Moreover, my allergies have been literally killing me. I can’t barely feel my nose, my chest hurts from coughing and my eyes are itchy all the time. It’s so annoying!! So, as you can’t see, my life hasn’t been easy up here. But I’m not a quitter and I’m still trying to take the best I can from this experience. I’m going to have a very busy week with lots of work that will keep me entertained. I will find time to keep posting for you and keeping on doing the best blogging I can! You Teens are always with me :)

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Two different looks I pulled off this week

Food at school's Open Day, yummyyy

Two moodboards I created this week!

Some amazing dessert in school

The best way to end the day is either to spend time with friends or relaxing in the bedroom

I wish you all an amazing week!



I'm a huge believer that first impressions last forever and it's something people may never forget. Everyday you should be dressed and be prepared to bump into your worst enemy. Your face, your posture, your non-verbal language describe who you are and how other people may see you. And, if you want to create a great impact and leave a good impression, always look your best. And that's when make-up comes in! I started wearing make-up when I first started going out when I was around 15 and I've always had some very good make-up skills, to be honest. Today I'm here to reveal my make-up products to you and some of my tricks, which I hope maybe useful for you.

First of all, here they are, my main tools for a fresh and youthful face :)

I always start my make-up routine with Benefit's Porefessional. I think it is a great product, it's not steeky and it really helps in making the pores disappear. Then I put on M.A.C.'s Matchmaster Foundation and the imperfection's remover, for the shadows under the eyes for example. I have always been a great M.A.C. fan, though their products are a bit expensive, the quality is unbelievable.

After I use M.A.C.'s Bronzing Powder (so I don't look pale like I usually do) and Bobby Brown's blush to give a bit more color to me cheeks. Then I pass to the eyes and, I have to say, Urban Decay's Naked 2 is my best friend. I have never been a great fan of eye shadows, but these are just amazing! They really make your eyes stand out and you have so many colors to choose from. I love this pallet so much!

These are my three main tools for the eyes: the Max Volume Flash Mascara from Rimmel London, the Khol & Contour XL black pencil and the Liner Feutre eyeliner from Bourjois. These three give you a bold look and a long lasting eye perfection. Since I have green eyes, black really makes my eyes pop. I'm sure yours will too.  

And, to finish, the lips. And there is nothing better then the age-fighting lip primer Timewise from Mary Kay to give you gorgeous lips. Buy it and apply it before putting on your lipstick. My favorite color for the lips is pink. And Make Up For Ever has an amazing range of lipsticks for you to choose from.

So that's it! I hope you liked it! If you have some questions or doubts feel free to ask! Do you have any of these products? Do you feel like wanting to try some? :)



This photographer represents everything this blog is about: youth, bright colors, cute babes and an insanely amount of originality. I love Zoey Grossman, a girl who has photographed babes like Zippora Seven, Ashley Smith and Gillian Zinser, and for some of my favorite brands like Forever 21, Billabong and Planet Blue. Check out her work HERE.



Last December I was very fortunate to participate in a photo shoot with clothing line Despe&Veste and accessory brand Lovely Breeze. Although I already showed you the entire photo shoot HERE, I think I never showed you the pictures focusing on Lovely Breeze's amazing accessories and the behind the scenes video. So here they are, and I really hope you like them. I had an amazing time and I think the pictures look great!



With the beginning of the hot days, one of the colors that inspires me the most is white. When you're skin gets tanned, the white pieces really stand out. But yet, white also transmits me a lot of calm and chill. I love it.