One of my biggest inspirations, besides PopArt and Tumblr, is definetely music. I love how music can inspire an entire look and how it influences you when you're dressing up. Some types of music remind us of some kind of outfit, or some kind of mixture of clothes. I'm not one of the biggest rock fans. At all. I'd rather listen to some pop, reggae or dancehall. But there are some classic bands that have a legacy that will live on, such has AC/DC, Kiss, Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Pink Floid and so many more, which sound reminds me of a type of style that I try to encorporate everday in my outfit. And rock music, to me (this is just my opinion) reminds me of black clothing, studds, boots, dark lips, leather jackets, messy hair, Wayfarers and high waisted shorts. And, when I say rock music, I mean heavy rock, with lots of electric guitars and drumming! I don't listen to rock music in my daily life. But, once I hear any of the songs above, I feel like putting on a rocker look like a leather jacket, my dark red lipstick, a pair a studded boots and some denim, like in a shirt. It's cool how music can inspire you and how it reflects on your outfit. Isn't that true that, when you see someone with a certain type of clothes, you can totally guess what their listening too? Well, don't get me wrong, even if I would look like a rocker chick, you know that I would still be listening to my one and only Rihanna ahah. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that rock music from the 60's and 70's transport me to a certain type of fashion that I like and that I think everyone also tries to reproduce. I mean, a leather jacket is an item that everyone should have (it's intemporal), high waited shorts is one key item in every girls' closet  and studds are taking over the world. Thank God.

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Ana Lúcia disse...

Adoro 'rock moves'. Tachas e mais tachas. é PARA usar e abusar :)


Maria disse...

como eu te percebo.. this is so me ♥

Maria disse...

como eu te percebo.. this is so me ♥

Chris disse...

great post! ♥ this style!
xoxo Chris

Helena disse...

Sem dúvida que a música é das coisas que mais me inspira, especialmente se for rock!!!
Adorei o post :)


Amanda Chic disse...

Adorei! muito giro
parabens pelo blog

A chic kiss ;-)