I finally found some time to write here! My life has been a big run and all I’ve been posting is pictures and music. So, it’s time to keep you updated. Last Friday was the last day before the beginning of Spring Break and, hell yes, me and the girls went out. Universidade Católica and Universidade Nova organized a party together at Lx Factory where the theme was The 80’s! Some people were dressed like that decade, others weren’t. I inspired myself with some Chanel pictures from the 80’s and I wore a black and white striped jacket, black skirt, a necklace with (fake) pearls and painted my lips red. It was the best I could do.

The music was awesome, we danced all night long. I just kept thinking how our parents must have had fun when they were our age, dancing to those songs. My favorites are “Tainted Love” by Depeche Mode, “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith and “Take On Me” by A-Ha. It was a night to remember apart from the fact that, when I went to the wc (one of those you see in festivals, like cabins) my cell phone dropped into a less fortunate place so I had to buy a new one on Saturday and get all the numbers back. It has been really boring! But, apart from that, it was perfect, I saw people I haven’t seen in a really long time and being with all my university friends was pretty amazing!

Since the beginning of Spring Break I have been studying and I really like to take the nights to do what I feel like doing, Like going out for dinner or going out for a coffee. On Monday night, I went to a sushi restaurant next to my house. I love sushi! I really like tasting other culture’s food and sushi is one of my favourites, but my favourite type of food is Italian, for sure. But anyways, something went wrong with my stomach and I felt really sick and that night didn’t go so well, but I am fine now! I’m definitely not going to stop eating sushi because of it. And I did dinner today, to relax from my morning and afternoon of studying, pasta with meat and vegetables! They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It definitely was a way to my daddy’s heart!

Besides what I already wrote, you should know that I lost seven centimetres of my hair. I got crazy on Monday morning and I went to the hairdresser and said I wanted my hair short. And so it is now. Next Sunday I’m going to Madrid to check my new home from September on. And I promise I’m going to bring Topshop home! I couldn’t be more excited!
I leave you with Christina’s Aguilera new song, it’s not the best but I like it!
So much love <3



These girls know Sprig Break very well, they wait for it, like they wait for love, all winter. Summer is not just a season to these girls, it’s more than holidays, beaches, sunny weather, more than just heat. It’s barefoot on the cement as you rush through the sprinklers like when you were a kid, it’s bikinis on the floor of the shower and strewn over the hot and cold taps, it’s ripping pages of makeup and products from vogue and pasting them into large, blank notebooks to share and read together on a blanket in the grass. It’s the smell of the grill, friends laughing, chopping pineapple and skewering shrimp, it’s stringing Christmas lights over the backyard and turning them on at night to lie under and talk about boyfriends. It’s sand in the bed after a long day at the beach.