Last Friday I had an amazing time at Garnier BB Cream Party, a special party to promote the great product from this beauty brand known worldwide. The party had really yummy food, chill out music (which I love) and everybody looked really pretty, with a Summer vibe going on. An the view of the Hotel Tivoli Sky Bar is just stunning. It was an occasion full of surprises, they even raffeled pink iPod cases. I had lots of fun catching up with people I haven't seen in a long time. I took these pictures to show you what it looked like. And I even had the chance to bring my own BB Cream home :)

Thank you so much for this gift Garnier!!

4 comentários:

Saltos de Cristal disse...

Excelente evento :)

Quélih disse...

Não conhecia para peles oleosas... se calhar teria resultado melhor em mim.

Damn It Vogue! disse...

Não conhecíamos o teu blogue!! Ficamos fãs! Kisses!


Fabiana Pereira disse...

Todas Lindas... olha fiquei a adorar a stylegodis, pena terem pouca coisa! sabes se é por estarem no ínicio? beijinhos, já sigo