"When Lana del Rey and James Dean first met." - MAKING OF VIDEO!!!

Teens! Today I bring the making of video of one of the best photo shoots ever! I hope you enjoy it! I think it is sooo cool! Denise did an AMAZING job! 

Bloggers: Me and Zé from http://duas-vezes-numero-um.blogspot.pt/
Photos by Jéssica from http://lookcloserlook.blogspot.pt/
Make-up by Vicki Marie


Merry Christmas, my dearest Teens.

I know this will sound more like a New Year's speech. But I'm here today to tell you THANK YOU. It's Christmas time and I believe it's the time of the year to look back and be thankful for all the amazing thanks that happend to me during the past twelve months. Everything is so different. I am so different.

Today I'm also here to let you know that many of the things that happened to me last year wouldn't have happened if I didn't have your aconditional support. Teens, thank you so much for everything. Thank you for spending your time here and to read the stuff I post. Thank you for all the opportunities. This blog wouldn't be possible without you. I love to read your nice comments and your feedback. I can't believe The Teenage Royalty is almost three years and a half!

I also want to take time and look forward to what will happen during the next few months. I'm moving to Switzerland in less than a month and there are no words for how excited I am. Really. I already want to share everything with you, I'm sure I will fulfill this blog with amazing new experiences!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Eat a lot. Get a lot of presents. But most of all, be surrounded by love and your loved ones. I wish you all the best!

And once again, thank you.

Much love :)




Já sabem onde me podem encontrar durante o fim-de-semana!! Venham ver as peças lindas que vou estar a vender!! Mesmo que não queiram nada (o que duvido eheh) venham despedir-se de mim antes da minha partida para a Suíça!! :) Mais informação AQUI


"When Lana del Rey and James Dean first met." Photo shoot - Look 2

Today I bring you the second look of the photo shoot that , Vicky, Jessica and Denise did at the Hotel Avenida Palace. The dress is from ZARA. I hope you like it!


"When Lana del Rey and James Dean first met." Photo shoot - Look 1

Today I bring you the first look of the most amazing photo shoot ever!! Me and were photographed by the talented Jessica Silva at the Hotel Avenida Palace in downtown Lisbon. In this photo shoot I am Lana del Rey and he is James Dean. We also have pictures together and there's still a second look, but you still have to wait to see those. Our make-up was done by Vicki Marie and there's also behind the scenes footage that Denise will show us in a couple of days. What do you think about the photos? Do you like them? The shirt is from ZARA, of course :)



Check out the making off of the DESPE&VESTE X LOVELY BREEZE photo shoot. So many beautiful pieces...and people :)




Last Friday I was really fortunate to be part of an amazing photo shoot for the December catalog of the online brand DESPE&VESTE, which also featured beautiful accessories from LOVELY BREEZE. I had a great time at Taberna das Almas with the girls and let me tell you that all the pieces are all really original and comfy. I think the pictures look great! What do you think? Do you have any favorite? Check out the entire catalog HERE.


On My Radar #1

I've been looking for things for my Christmas Wishlist. But I have to admit finding things that capture my eye has been a tough job. More tougher than I imagined it would be. So, and I keep saying, give a ZARA gift card and that is the best present you can actually give me. Every time I enter a store, I always seem to find new things, lovely stuff that I would love to own. When I'm home, I spend hours searching through the internet about things I can only own in my dreams. Since I'm saving money for Switzerland, I don't spend much money in goods. So when, I'm online, I surf through my favorite websites and collect things I think would look amazing in my closet. And today I'm bringing you some of them. I just love the color of the first earrings and the shape of the sunglasses that follow. I'm not a fan of binnies, but I can't help but to crave the grey knit turban. I also thought that a green skirt would be a good choice for Christmas Eve (and it is sooo beautiful). And I believe that the Zara Platform Peep Toe Pumps are a great way to start your Spring closet, but would also look amazing on your holidays outfits :)

Philippe Ferrandis Earrings made with Swarovski Elements

ASOS Kitten Cat Eye

Dana Lorenz for Anthropologie

Kismet Knit Turban

Milly Raquelle Combo Skirt

Tasha Crystal Bracelets

Zara Platform Peep Toe Pumps

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NEW IN!! (and a bit of DIY)

Sometimes I wonder "Why can't I have an entire ZARA store as closet?". That would be so cool. Today I bought the most beautiful striped shirt and an Oxblood pair of skinny jeans. They are so comfortable. I remembered that I had a couple of appliques that I saved from an old shirt and I decided to apply them in my new shirt. Do you like the final result?