First of all, let me justify my absence from this blog. Switzerland has been giving me loads of work to do, which is very good because I can keep myself occupied while I’m here. I finish my two semesters of studies at Glion Institute of Higher Education on December 7th and, until then, I will be very busy with work. If I don’t post is not because I forgot about all my beloved Teens, it’s because I really have lots of work to do until I’m done with this.

But the reason that brought me here today is because I have the most amazing news. I’m moving to New York City in January to intern for WCMG Events for six months. I’m beyond excited and I can already image myself walking around Manhattan, running in Central Park and completely falling in love with that city every day. I’m so happy and I wanted to share these amazing news with all of you. I will have a lot more to post about and I’m sure the quality of my posts will improve. And I’m ready to work and do my best at WCMG.

This blog has already seen me moving to Madrid and to Switzerland. It’s time for the next chapter of the “Another Adventure of The Teenage Royalty” saga. I hope you are all on board with me.





Super sweet Swiss treats. Have a great weekend everybody!!



Yesterday I had a great idea. There was no internet in school so I couldn’t post anything during the evening. But here I am now. I was going through Blaya Rodrigues’s Instagram and I was thinking to myself “Portuguese people have so much talent!”. I personally believe that in moments of crisis people need to be really creative. We should all celebrate the fact that we are Portuguese and to be proud of that. I really am. So that’s why I’m starting a new section on the blog called PORTUGUESE BLOOD. In this section we will celebrate Portuguese talent and celebrate our Portuguese blood. From the music industry, to fashion, to bloggers, to people that created their business on Facebook. From artists to designers. Interviews. Everything that you can possibly imagine will be featured in this new section. I can already feel that this is going to be my favorite section on the blog. I really like this idea of mine and I’m sure you will also feel inspired.

Today, and as a first example, we are starting with one of my favorite Portuguese groups of all times, Buraka Som Sistema. I’m sure everyone knows who they are. I love them to death. I’m a huge fan of their work. I’ve already had the chance to see them twice and, seriously, I was dancing from the beginning till the end of the concert. They are so good. They already launched four amazing albums and they even have a single with one of my favorite artists in the world, M.I.A.. I love Lil’ John, Riot, Conductor, Kalaf (such a fashionable inspiration) and Blaya, the power girl of the group, who I love to follow on Instagram. Buraka Som Sistema makes me feel really proud of being Portuguese. Their music is always all over my ears and I can’t help but dancing every time I listen to them. Bellow you will find my favorite BSS tunes. I hope you enjoy them, and I also hope you like my initiative to celebrate Portuguese talent!



I've known Wildfox since I first started this blog and, since the beginning, it conquered my heart. Though it is a bit expensive, the quality is super good and the pieces are unique. And, besides loving the clothes, the lookbooks they do are just beyond amazing. And this one just won my favorite Wildfox lookbook of all times, for obvious reasons. I just want everything inside my closet right now. This collection was inspired by the 70's and by the bombshells of the decade. And, above all, the shots were taken by one of my fav photographers, Mark Hunter from TheCobraSnake. Perfection.




First of all, I want to say I'm so sorry for being absent from the blog during this week. I was at home in Lisbon, trying to make the most of it, and having lots of fun before coming back to Switzerland, where I am now.

One of my favorite moments from last week was this a-m-a-z-i-n-g dinner that I had with these six beautiful bloggers. We had such a great time all together having dinner. It was the perfect opportunity to catch up with all of them, and I'm sure that you know all these fab faces. These girls are so talented and passionate about their blogs. I always have a great time with them and I hope I have the chance to see them when I get back in December. It was so much fun and I'm sure we will repeat Bloggers Dinner again.



I'm in Lisbon!! Yeyy!! I'm here for a week for midterm break! Super excited! Yesterday I had the chance to have dinner with six awesome bloggers and this is what I wore. I'm going to share with you the pictures of our dinner yesterday during this week. It's good to be back home because that means I have time, and clothes, to do outfit posts :) I have the chance to get out of the dresscode that is mandatory in school and wear my favorite pieces. I hope you like this outfit :)

Jumpsuit - MotelRocks
Belt - ZARA
Shoes - H&M
Earrings - H&M
Haircuff - H&M