TEENS! I have 5 MAKE UP FOR EVER kits to raffle!! So this time there won't be just one winner, there will be 5 WINNERS!! How cool is that? :)

So the kits have are composed by two amazing products: the AQUA CREAM (color 24 - yellow) - a Waterproof Cream Color that you use like it was eyeshadow and that's perfect por the beach - and the LASH FIBERS - a Volume and Length Lash Primer that will make your eyelashes look fabulous!!

Are you going to loose this opportunity? Of course not!! To enter this GIVEAWAY you just need to:

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4 - Leave a comment with your name, Google Friend Connect name, Facebook share link and your e-mail

And that's it!! The 5 winners will be chosen by RANDOM.ORG

Don't miss the opportunity! The GIVEAWAY will be up until next Monday!

P.S. - I want to thank MAKE UP FOR EVER for sending me these two beautiful gifts: AQUA CREAM (shade 27 - black) and the AQUA ROUGE (Waterproof Liquid Lip Color). I usually use the AQUA CREAM when I go out because, since it is waterproof, even if its really hot, it doesn't ruin your eyes like you just got punched in the face. And the AQUA ROUGE is really soft. Both of them are really useful :)



OK, this is probably my favorite Summer themed shoot from all I've seen in the past few months. This is the big deal. MINKPINK took it to whole other level with this SWIM catalog for this year's Summer. I just want everything that's featured. I love the bikinis, the swimsuits, the shorts, the sunnies. All the pieces are so perfectly mixed and the final result is really overwhelming. Buy it HERE.



Last Friday I had an amazing time at Garnier BB Cream Party, a special party to promote the great product from this beauty brand known worldwide. The party had really yummy food, chill out music (which I love) and everybody looked really pretty, with a Summer vibe going on. An the view of the Hotel Tivoli Sky Bar is just stunning. It was an occasion full of surprises, they even raffeled pink iPod cases. I had lots of fun catching up with people I haven't seen in a long time. I took these pictures to show you what it looked like. And I even had the chance to bring my own BB Cream home :)

Thank you so much for this gift Garnier!!



It's really hard for me to find dresses that I like, probably because I'm not the biggest fan this type of clothing. But these ones are perfect for ANY occasion. Meet Preview, a brand made in Portugal by the amazing hands of Ana, inspired by street style from all over the globe. The dresses are not expensive (€130-€150) and they are really comfortable. You can wear the same dress for a wedding, a birthday-party, a special dinner. You decide. My favorite on is the pink one. To see the entire collection, visit the shop's website HERE.