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These are my two favorite items from The Blues Collection from H&M.


My Erasmus Application Text

We needed to write a text about why we should be chosen. I hope this thing inspires you somehow.

The will of man to know, explore, exchange experiences and learn is timeless. With all these purposes I present my candidature for the Erasmus. I consider myself able to participate because, early on, I got used to live, in Portugal and abroad, in multicultural environments and be independent and responsible.
I prefer the University Ramon Llull, as I know Barcelona, one of my favorite cities. My second choice, the University Complutense, it follows its tradition of academic excellence and the formation of good journalists.
Although Spanish is not my optional language, I propose to open new language horizons, so important for my professional future. I'll attend an immediate course of preparation and, with time, cement the knowledge.

A vontade do Homem de conhecer, explorar, trocar experiências e aprender é intemporal. Com todos estes propósitos apresento a minha candidatura ao Programa Erasmus. Considero-me apta a participar dado que, desde cedo, me habituei a conviver, em Portugal e no estrangeiro, em ambientes multiculturais e a ser autónoma e responsável.
Dou preferência à Universidade Ramon Llull, já que conheço Barcelona, uma das minhas cidades favoritas. A minha segunda escolha, a Universidade Complutense, resulta da sua tradição académica e da excelência na formação de bons jornalistas.
Apesar de o Espanhol não ser a minha língua opcional, proponho-me abrir novos horizontes linguísticos, tão importantes para o meu futuro profissional. Frequentarei de imediato um curso de preparação e, com a estadia, cimentarei os conhecimentos adquiridos.



H&M – SONIA RYKIEL - showroom

H&M – GARDEN COLLECTION (out in the end of March - showroom

H&M – random stuff - show room

WILDFOX Fall 2010

Janet Jackson feat. Pitbull – “HeartBeat Love”


A Carnival to treasure. Forever.

So, after a hungover Friday, by four o'clock in the afternoon, I took the bus to Sesimbra. The sun was shinning. When I got there two of my six friends that were about to spend the long weekend with me came to pick me up at the bus stop. When we arrived home by five o'clock in the afternoon they were still having lunch. After that, we went to a coffee shop with other three friends of ours (that were in a different house) to chill. We got back home, we had a quick dinner by ten and half and got into our first costume: maids. We had this horrendous black dresses and cat mask (the dress was unique size so it was huge on me!). And we went down to Sesimbra, to the place where everybody parties. We watched a live concert with Brazilian music and then we went to a big bar where we partied all night. We headed home around seven o'clock in the morning. Totally tired, some where drunk and others were starving. After eating we all went to bed.

Valentine's Day. We woke up around two o'clock in the afternoon with hope to go watch the Carnival parade in Sesimbra. Hands down, it was raining. So we spent the day in the couch, in front of the fireplace, eating sweets, really warm with blankets, watching movies on TV, and, believe me, it was the most perfect Valentine's Day EVER. All the girls together, it was so much fun. Then we had a good dinner all together and got into that night's costume: school girls. I don't want to call it collegiate because it wasn't kinky at all. We had skirts by our knees, long socks, a blazer and a tie. First of all we stopped at a bar that has really cheap drinks so I drank black vodka with 7up that it's one of my favorite drinks and some shots with everybody. After that we went to the bar where we were the night before and we partied all night. We danced, we met a lot of people, we had so much fun. Actually I hadn't had that feeling of true fun a long time ago. We headed home by five o'clock.

The next day I woke up by three o'clock. We wanted to go to the parade again but it was raining and it was sooo cold. So we stayed home again and watched Lua Vermelha and Morangos com Açúcar (LOL) all afternoon. By dinner we went to our friends house to have a "mariscada". We had the most amazing dinner ever, with lots of sea food, beer and sangria. That night was clown's night in Sesimbra so we dressed up like clowns. I just put a old pijamas on and wrote YTRAP in my forehead and was ready to go. We took the bus out to dowtown Sesimbra and went to some bars first before going to the bar where we were the nights before. It had so many people at the door that a friend of mine, when we were close to the door and to speed up the process of going inside, pretended she was feeling sick an the security guard got us in quickly and we didn't pay. It was so funny because I didn't realize she was pretending and when I realized it I was like "YOU'RE AN AMAZING ACTRESS". That night was epic. The bar was crowed but we could still dance inside. We danced with some home boys and girls of Sesimbra, friends of friends. It was crazyyyyyyyyyyy. I have such good memories of that night. And everybody was going out of their minds. I loved it. We headed home but seven o'clock, willing for a good night sleep.

We woke up totally tired around three in the afternoon. We packed our things and went to downtown Sesimbra to finally watch the parade. But when we got there it started raining. We set down in a coffee to have lunch by five and got back to the house to get our things and come back to Lisbon.
I'll never forget these days. All the moments we spent together. The people I met. The people I got the chance to see again (since last year). All the partying. All the conversations we had. The fact that at some point we were five or six in the bathroom getting ready. A Valentine's Day spent with all the girls. The Brazilian music that, somehow, does not want to come out of my mind. And, from all of them, this one is my favorite and I'll have the chance to see Ivete Sangalo in Rock in Rio, 21st of May, along with Shakira and John Mayer. I'll be at the front row.


I have been having many busy days lately. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were really quick days. On Wednesday night, I went to the premier of "Valentine's Day" which I absolutely loved. It stars many of my favorite actors and actress like Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba and Emma Roberts(who I love and is the star of Wild Child, my favorite movie ever). And it's hot that Mc. Steamy from Grey's Anatomy and Bradley Cooper represent a gay couple. At first you don't notice they are a couple but when you get the idea you're totally like WHAT A HELL, NO WAY!! So, if you're doubting about going to watch that movie don't doubt anymore and go, I'm sure you'll love it.

On Thursday I started my day watching 90210, again. It's one of my favorite tv shows ever. My favorite character is Silver. I also like watching Gossip Girl, Cougar Town, The Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place and, as much as I hate to admit it, Glee. During breakfast (when I wake up my parents are getting ready to go to work), I normally come to the computer and ready blogs or watch an episode of a tv show. I think it's a great way to start your day! My favorite class on Thursday was Organizations' Managing. It was the first time I had it and I really liked it. During this semester we are going to study interesting topins such as: managing people, hierarchy and structure, power within the organization, liders and lidership and other topics. I'm really looking forward to the next classes (believe me, I don't say this very often).

At night, I had my university Carnival party at Bar do Rio. I had an amazing time! I was dressed like Pipi Long Stockings, it was something last minute. I grabbed a pair of pink tights, one purple sock and other red sock, shorts, a colorful t-shirt and a denim long jacket from H&M. I made two brades with my hair, put a lot of pink powder and made freckles with my brown eyeliner in my cheeks and I was ready to go! I love my university parties because we are an awesome group of people and we always have fun together. My favorite costume was a friend of mine that was dresses like Bob, the Builder! She even had an hairdryer attached to her belt, she was a true tool girl ahah!

Tomorrow I'm going to Sesimbra for Carnival. I couldn't be more excited about it! Me and my friends went already there last year and we had an amazing time! Everybody in the street was dressed in a different way (I even remember seeing people dressed as slices of pizza so imagine the rest!). And, on Sunday, it's Valentine's Day so we are going to have a "single ladies" dinner which will be a lot of fun. I like the romantic side of Valentine's Day and I like the idea that there is one special day of the year for people to celebrate the fact that they found their beloved ones. The other people celebrate the fact that they still have the chance to do all the crazy stuff they want to do without having to give satisfactions! So we all have the chance to celebrate. Good, right?

I'm really looking forward to see Wildfox Couture Fall 2010 collection. Here are the pieces that have already been released:

That's all for today!
I'll blog on Wednesday when I get back.
Have fun people and ... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!
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Do you like it boy?

I like when you tell me kiss it here.
I like when you tell me move it there.
So giddy up,
Time to get it up.
You say you a rude boy,
Show me what you got now.
Come here right now.


23:06. I'm back home. I have an huge headache but I'll try to write something because writing is becoming a daily routine. Like showers and that stuff.

I kicked of the day with Contemporary History II. I failed Contemporary History I in the end of the Winter Semester, it was totally unfair. But the good thing is I can do number II without number I done so Summer semester History started today. I've never been a big fan of History, actually it was my worst subject during High School. I hate having to memorize so many names and dates and happenings and that kinda stuff. I just have to put on a smiley face and do it and show the teacher that, last semester, she was totally unfair.

Then I had Publics and Audiences. I LOVED IT. Of course it's a really practical subject so we have to make lots of group works. I prefer having to do group works rather having to study, really. It's really boring. I've never been a great fun of studying. I like learning but I'd rather work in groups and share knowledge rather than having a person teaching stuff that many of the times are not worth knowing.

After lunch I had Technics of Audiovisual Communication, which I already had yesterday. My group is really excited for Fashion Week project, we are sure that we are going to have so much fun doing it. It's so enthusiastic having to work on something we really like, something that I know I'll actually remember forever. In this class we talked about journalist writing in television (it has to be short, clean, strong and suggestive) and we had to analyse some images. It was fun!

Then I had Communication Theories which sound like total boredom but let's see how it goes. After that I went to the gym, which is something that I really like to do. Some people see it has an obligation, I see it has an investment for life. I really like running, I normally run forty minutes straight. But last week I started a sort of weight lifting program so I can win some muscles, which I don't have at all :) After I ran home, took a shower and headed to a friend's house to see Sporting-Benfica. I'm a big sport for Benfica since I was a kid. Though I don't understand anything concerting technical stuff, I like to watch the important games. And I love the European and World cups! So, Benfica won 4 against 1 and I was REALLY happy.

Today I whore a grey and black striped dress from Mango and a black jacket from H&M with black tights and black boots. Again with lots of hearings and rings, which are becoming my personal signature. The things that I like the most about this dress are the bow at the front and the zipper on the back. I really like zippers in dresses. And I also like the fact that the sleeves are not long at all so I can wear during summer time too. These are the pictures I took:

I read that Lady GaGa and Beyonce's video for "Telephone" is coming out tomorrow and I'm so looking forward to see it. It's one of my favourite songs of all times. I love its beat and rhythm and lyrics and everything about it. I'm also looking forward to see the names of the other artists coming to Rock In Rio. I almost fainted when I read that John Mayer is coming. He is one my favourite artists of all times, I love his songs (and him) so much. So let's see what they have in store for us.

That's all for today.

Colbie Caillat - Magic (iTunes Session)


Today was my first day of classes. Summer semester it's on. I prefer this one to the Winter semester because it has Carnival, Easter and, in the end of it, you can start going to the beach, get a tan and look healthy :)

I really enjoyed being back to campus. I really love all my friends from University, I always have a blast with them, ether in classes or partying or just chillin'. I kicked off the day having breakfast watching 90210, which makes always great company. Then I took the underground station (I don't think I'll have the car for me that much as I had last semester) which reminded me of how much I hate public transportation. Busy and smelly.

Then my first class was French, not that sexy believe me. I have had French during the last eight years but my accent is not that good and I still have some words that confuse me. I had lunch and then I had Technics of Audiovisual Communication. I have never had it and I loved it!!! We are supposed to the a report on whatever we want. I teamed up with two of my best friends and guess what is our theme... it's ModaLisboa '10, Lisbon's Fashion Week! I'm so excited, we are going to watch all the shows, talk to famous people and, of course, you guys will have all the news first handed :) I couldn't be more excited about this project (we will have Z. joining us and helping us out in this project, he was a brilliant student and his advices are the best).

And this was the end of university today for me. I took some pictures of what I whore today. I want to share with you the clothes I wear so you can get ideas and share your points of view with me because I always like to know what you think. So, basically, I whore a sort of silk black jacket from Mango, a colorful dress from H&M (in the picture it might seem a t-shirt but it's actually a dress, not a long one but still a dress) and a high waist black skirt from Zara. All of this with black tights and black boots, lots of hearings and rings. I hope you enjoy it :)

It's all for today. I hope you have an amazing night.
Oh, and in the end of every post, I'll post one song I'm loving <3<3<3

Owl City - "Vanilla Twilight"