This a project my cousin is developing. He has first started taking pictures of our family but now we are going to make it a much bigger project. What do you think about it? It's really cool. Once I have more I'll post them here :)


My new ZARA baby ♥

Now imagine:
- tanned skin
- latin rhythms
- hot summer night
- brown heels and silver jewelry
I ♥ my new dress sooo much !!


Hey guys! I’m sorry I haven’t been around for a while, writing my own stuff here, but my life has been so brutal. I don’t have time for anything and I have been busy with all types of stuff. I have attended lots of parties and done some going out. I have been studying because I want to have good grades this semester. I have been spending time with my friends and family. Everything has been great and it seems time is going so fast and summer is just a couple of weeks away!

Last night was a blast. It was my first time at Semana Académica de Lisboa and I had lots of fun. I saw Patrice live, which was a thing that I have tried to do a couple of times and it finally worked. I love him, he has such good music and he transmits such a good vibe to the audience. I danced and partied a lot and I also worked at my faculty’s stand serving beer to random people that wanted to have a good time as well. It was my first time serving beer and I think I did a pretty good job! Actually, everybody that worked at the stand did an amazing job, we had loads of people coming to us, asking for drinks. It was crazy!!! I arrived home at five a.m. and I woke up at 2 a.m. and now I feel really tired.

Other party that I attended was Católica by Night at Católica’s Economics building. That was a whole other level of fun. Before the party, me and my friends had sushi for dinner and when we were going to the party, in the car, we sang the worst Portuguese songs ever and people in other cars were getting scared of usahah. When we got there it was crazy. First, we had to wait outside for a while because after one a.m. we would only pay half of the price. When we got inside the party, me and my three friends got insane. The music was awesome! Since we were some of the few girls there, many boys were coming to talk to us and I couldn’t stop laughing with their cheesy pick-up lines. Everybody was really nice to us and we did lots of friends. We took a large quantity of pictures and it’s amazing how I don’t have a single picture with a normal face, a normal smile! Silly me! Anyways, it was of the hook and will always be a party to remember.

Now getting serious. I have been spending a lot time studying and working. It has been crazy. Summer is jut a couple of weeks away and I feel like doing nothing. I’m going against myself because I want to have good marks and I don’t feel like studying at all. But I guess that’s every student’s duality. I have started taking Spanish classes so I can talk and understand what people say to me when I move to Madrid next September. It will be so hard to leave my family and friends behind but Erasmus is something I have to do and I know I will have an awesome time! I will have my own hours, I will decide everything by myself and I will gain lots of responsibility!

I’m so excited for Rock in Rio! I’m so looking forward to see Ivete Sangalo, John Mayer and Shakira! I haven’t been to Rock in Rio for a couple of years so I really want to remember what it feels like to be in that global village, the city of Rock! And, by the way, Lady Gaga is coming to Lisbon! YEEEY! And I don’t care if I’m six hundred kilometres way but I will take a bus and come to Lisbon on purpose just to see her, she deserves it! Her shows are amazing and it’s something I just can’t miss. And Sugababes are coming to Sudoeste! It’s the third time I’m going to see them live (loool) and I can’t wait to hear them sing “About a Girl”, it’s my favourite song from them!

I guess it’s all for today! I leave you with an amazing performance by Patrice, it’s not from last night but he sang this song, which I didn’t know, and I totally fell in love with it!
Thanks for reading my stuff!
So much love <3