Dope bloggers and stuff like that: I AM GALLA

As a fashion blogger from a small country, it is really hard for me to find male bloggers with good blogs and a style that I like, whithout being completely outrageous and with outfits which aim is just to call everyone's attention. Everybody knows that my favorite portuguese male blogger is Zé from 2X Nº1. Besides being one of my best friends and a person that I really look up to, his style is impecable and his choices are really bold. So, last week, when I was cruisin' around LOOKBOOK, I found this amazing blogger which, in my opinion, is one of the best male bloggers around the world. Today I bring you Adam Gallagher, the author of the blog I AM GALLA. This boy is not only a fashion blogger, he is also a personal shopper, a wardrobe stylist, a model and a photographer. And he also enjoys skateboarding, how cool is that? All boys should learn from him how to look good but simple at the same time. Look what he is wearing. All his pieces are just plain classic and not extravangant at all. His choices are smart and every single piece fits him like a glove. I like his polos and his shirts. The way he matches the colors in his outfits is so clean. And, with the Ray-Bans, I feel a James Dean vibe going on there. If you don't follow his blog, I strongly advise you to. And, boys, take notes. You might learn something. 

4 comentários:

Mafalda disse...

Concordo com tudo o que escreveste, every boy should take lessons from him! Tambem o descobri no lookbook e adorei mesmo, can't get enough of his style!! E o teu blog é óptimo tb :)


Gonçalo Subtil disse...

Acompanho-o com muita frequência no lookbook e babo-me com a roupa dele! É que se não a soubesse combinar... mas sabe!
Muito bom post :)

Quéli disse...

Amei a penultima foto :)

Marina Reis disse...

Também adoro o blog e estilo dele! E além disso é super gorgeous hehe :)