dirty talk

Kitten Heels.
Legs up, on the bar.
Bubble bath.
Whipped cream.
Cherry pop.
Tag team.
Feather bed.
Tickle me.
Nasty pose.
Love machine.
By myself.
Hot wax.
On the floor.


Livin' In Sin Is The New Thing

1, 2, 3
Not only you and me
Got one eighty degrees
And I'm caught in between
1, 2, 3
Peter, Paul & Mary
Gettin' down with 3P
Everybody loves ***


Come & Try

Para mim, este clip representa as melhores cenas da primeira série de Gossip Girl (situadas no sétimo episódio Victor/Victrola).

A Blair.
O Chuck.
O exotismo.
A excentricidade.
A intensidade.
O burlesco.
A magia.



Now I'm gonna take you outside
And show you crazy
Oh I got your crazy

Call my man again and imma fuck you up.
Touch my man again and imma fuck you up.


Victoria's Secret - About A Girl - Part 2

My best friends name's are Christine and Agnessa.

Christine is the crazy one. I mean, trully crazy. She is the ultimate party girl who loves to go out, drink, dance and to show off for the boys. I'm used to it.
She is totally hot, she has blue eyes, brown hair, she is thin, tall and really confident. Her clothes are kinda short but at least she looks good in them. I've know her since I was born. Our parents are really close friends.

She goes to Saint Joseph High School in NYC. She already got expeled from two different schools. We have many traditions together such as going for a Starbucks every week (Frappucino lovers ahah) or having brunch together every Sunday with both of our parents. We have all the good stuff like nutella, croissants, fruit, scones, hot coffee and all the yummy stuff. Sometimes we even get champagne!

She lives in a big palace next to my house with her parents, so it's really easy to see her almost everyday. It's an huge house! It's even bigger then mine. She has no brothers nor sisters so she is used to get everything she wants. Last birthday she got a Mercedes!
She is my oldest friend that I want to keep forever.

And then I have Agnessa who is totally different from Christine.

I met her in my junior year during the auditions' day at my high school. We both got in. We go to the same class and we practice every dance routine together. She is an amazing dancer and her biggest dream is to get into a Broadway Musical. She can also sing. I can't, I'm terrible.

She is blonde with blue eyes and she has great sense of style. She likes patterns like zebra and tiger, leggings, sneakers and her nails are blue.
She is calm, she likes to read and she is a good student. I'm not saying she is boring or a total nerd, she knows how to have fun aswell. She is really focused on her goals and she likes to keep everything low profile. No showing off, just having fun.

She lives in Brooklin with her parents and her two younger brothers in a small house. Her parents don't pay the school because she won a schoolarship. Thank God it's like this because her parents don't have enough money to afford this type of school. They are really humble people.

We are always talking, we both are really talkative. We always have breakfast together before going to school at a close restaurant that is runned by a greak family. That place has the best home-made pancakes in town, our favourites. The people who work there already know our names because we started going there since junior year. Sometimes they even have breakfast with us. They are really chilled people so it's good to talk with them before going to class and to focus.



É verdade, ando viciada:
- unhas azuis
- rolinhos no cabelo de risco ao meio
- lápis azul por baixo e preto por cima nos olhos
- correr
- galões a meio da manhã, ao lanche, antes de ir dormir
- leggings
- hairbands
- dormir
- Morangos com Açúcar (não comentar, custa a admitir. escolas com vampiros? que original)
- blogs
- Victoria's Secret (my creation)
- na faculdade e nos cinco trabalhos de grupo que tenho de fazer
- Asher Book
- Juicy Couture
- Wildfox Couture
- nesta música:

When I shut the door leaving with my bag,
Hit the scene in my new wagon.
Bet he gonna wish he knew the type of fun I'm getting into.
Peek a boo, he good...
Doing things you wish you wish you could.
He's not talking, he's just walking like them city boys from New York.



Victoria's Secret - About A Girl - Part 1

My name is Victoria, I’m 18 years old and I’m from the USA, the greatest country in the world.

I live in NYC, where I was born. My house is quite big and it’s on the Upper East Side. You’re wondering if I’m one rich kid, coming from one rich family, who thinks that looks are really important? If I’m a great student but yet I love drinking because of all the pressure my parents put me through? Hell yes, I’m all that.

My father is one of the most influent people here. He owns many buildings in NYC, the big ones, and it’s a business man. He makes big money. His name is Josh Haleylane (kinda posh, right?), which makes me Victoria Haleylane.

My mum is…well, a Upper East Side mum. She likes shopping, having five o’clock teas at expensive hotels with her friends. She is always really worried about how she looks, she has done two surgeries (a facial and a lipo), and, of course, she loves my dad. She has devotion for that man. In the end, he is the one who pays the bills.

I have two twin brothers. Lucas and Mathias. They are twenty years-old and my friends love them. When they come over, they always ask me if my brothers are home. 90% of them have crushes on them, the other 10% just don’t want to admit it. I understand, they’re hot.
They work out a lot, they have a six pack, they’re tall, they are really funny and they are really alike. I get confused quite often. They have green eyes, dark brown hair, and they both pierced they left ears. Lucas got it first and Mathias after. If he hadn't done it we could distinguish them. But we can’t.

I don’t really look like them. Apart from being a girl, I have brown eyes, light brown hair, I’m 1,60 metters and I may not have a six pack but yet I’m thin.
I’m a dancer at the NYC Performing Arts’ School. I’m a senior.

I’ve been dancing since I was 6 years-old. I started with classic ballet, then contemporary ballet, then hip-hop and I finally got into this school when I was 15.
Apart from dancing, my main interests are music, photography, fashion, shopping, my friends and family and my boyfriend.
His name is Michael and he is a singer at my school. He is awesome.

We have been dating since our first year at the school. We sort of met at an house party on a Friday night. He was drunk as fuck and he asked a friend of mine for my number because he thought I was cute (if he wasn’t drunk he might not have done it, he is quite shy, believe me). Next day he decided to call me. He said “Hey Victoria, I normally don’t do this type of stuff but I saw you at the party yesterday and I digged your style”. I thought “What a fuck does this random guy that I’ve never talked to want from me?”. Anyways, I decided to give him a shot.

Well, the random guy didn’t turn out to be so random when I actually met him. We first had some coffees at the school cafeteria, we watched some movies together, but always as friends.
Then, one night, we were taking a walk by the river and he grabbed my hand, closed my eyes and kissed me. It was magical.
I'd never seen him that way but when he kissed me everything fell right.

(to be continued...)


Arquivei-te no dossier das contas cá de casa.

Porque no fundo és:
Uma soma de horas a pensar, a remoer, a tentar.
Uma multiplicação de momentos.
Uma divisão de diferentes atitudes.
Uma subtracção de respostas.

E eu sempre fui péssima a Matemática.




Remember The Daze

Childhood is about magic, but teen is about mistery.

Hangover, you bitch

Dizem que os anos da universidade são os melhores anos da nossa vida. Até agora não tenho provas que neguem esta afirmação.

Ontem eu e os meus colegas da universidade fomos para casa da Mariana para mais uma houseparty (sim, a cena costuma repetir-se de vez em quando) em que mote da festa foi boa música, óptima companhia, muitas gargalhadas, muita dança e alcool.

Agora restam-me óptimas memórias de uma noite super divertida, uma dor de cabeça e a visão de uma tarde e noite de estudo que me aterroriza.

Valeu a pena? OBVIAMENTE.

E hoje acordei assim:

Oh girls...


Swing those hips.

People say men are just like kids,
Never saw a kid behave like this.
What you give is exactly what you receive.
So put me in a cage and lock me away,
And i'll play the games that you want me to play.
You can have it all,
Anything you want you can make it yours.

Jump into my seat.

Se há coisa que eu gosto mesmo de fazer é guiar.
Como não tinha aulas de manhã, aproveitei o sol que ainda brilha, meter a primeira e só parar na praia de S. Pedro para ir por a conversa com o Z em dia, sempre com risos, histórias e muito gossip.

Já tinha saudades de fazer a marginal de janelas abertas, com o cabelo ao vento e, claro, sempre a ouvir os meus tunes of the moment: "Dirty Picture" - Taio Cruz ft. Ke$ha, "Future Love" - Kristinia Debarge e "Open Up" - The Saturdays.

Apesar de querer que o Inverno chegue rapidamente por já estar farta deste calor todo, há que aproveitar antes da chuva chegar para as últimas idas à praia.

Para o ano há mais!

xoxo beach,
talk to you later.


I want to propose a toast...

... to new beggings.

Uma mudança nunca fez mal a ninguém.
Hoje foi a minha vez.

Mandei um 2.0 ao blog. Mudei a imagem (estava cansada de ver a Pixie Lott deitada sobre o corpo de um rapaz qualquer). E a direcção do blog para uma coisa mais pessoal, para vos informar do que se passa deste lado.

Eu gosto imenso de escrever e ter um blog parece-me uma óptima opção.

Por isso torna-te num follower, não te acanhes e comenta!

E, para brindar, como parte da Teenage Royalty, quero um copo de Moët & Chandon.
Ou talvez uma garrafa.



Seriously, WTF?

Ultimamente tenho andado sem ideias sobre o que escrever aqui. E alguma falta de paciência também.
A faculdade tem-me ocupado imenso tempo. Cinco trabalhos de grupo para organizar e algum estudo à mistura.

Estou farta deste tempo.
Chove e está calor ao mesmo tempo.
Estou cheia de saudades do frio à séria.
Das minhas camisolas grossas, dos cachecóis, das botas, de acordar e ter vontade de voltar para a cama.
Das saídas à noite com roupa mais quente.
Estou cheia de vontade de estrear a roupa de inverno que comprei, inclusive um casaco preto lindo com pelo da Juicy Couture directamente de NYC.
Por acaso não me importava nada de lá estar.

Aquele movimento, as ruas, o barulho, as pessoas, as luzes, o cheiro, toda a envolvente, são inexplicáveis. Seria lindo passear em Central Park, no meio da neve, os simplesmente ir praticar ice-skating no Rockefeller Center, isso sim.

Mas pelos vistos vou ter de me cingir ao Chiado, não é? Também gosto de ir dar um passeio a downtown, no meio do frio, com os enfeites de Natal a espalharem um brilho especial.

Mas ainda falta até ao Natal. Ainda tenho um semestre de muito trabalho pela frente, muito ginásio e, claro, muita festa.


P.S.- It's almost friday!


Come join the party!

Feel my temperature rising,
There’s too much heat I’m gonna lose control.
Do you want to go higher,
Get closer to the fire,
I don’t know what you’re waiting for.
Put your arms around me,
When it gets too hot we can go outside.
But for now just come here,
Let me whisper in your ear,
An invitation to the dance of life.