My interview to... FashionCrack

Nowadays it's really hard to have a personal styling blog that stands out. Everybody enjoys to take pictures of themselves and stamp them on their blogs. It has become so ordinary and common that it's  really hard to find good ego bloggers on the web. But, for me, there's one that has been amazing since it's beggining til date, and I'm sure it's still going to be pretty dope years from now. Today I bring you my favorite personal styling blog from Portugal. It's my favorite because it's unique: from the outfits, how she mixes her clothes, to the landscape of the photos. I've already had the chance to meet this blogger in person and I have to say that she is really nice and sweet. Today I bring you the one and only Maria Garcia Pita, the author of FashionCrack. I would love to own her closet...

Why did the name “FashionCrack” for your blog?

Well I was watching a documentary about outrageous fashion, and one of the speakers classified a girl as "a fashion crack" so I just kept that adjective in my mind and thought "if someday I have a blog of my own, it will be called "fashion crack". I just loved the junction of those 2 names, and thats how it happened... 

How do you describe yourself and your style ? 

Well I don't have a restricted style, and I don't want to. I think it's really important for us to explore ourselves and each day is a different one for me, as my style. I can wear a more minimal style today, as I can be totally edgy and punk tomorrow. But I admit that I feel more comfortable with a "edgy" style.

What does inspire you the most? 

Basically, everything. Just going out (and seeing different people, the world details) inspires me, but I search a lot on the internet and get a lot of ideas. 

Which kind of places do you prefer to do your outfit posts? 

It depends on the look I'm wearing. I can't be very explicit with this question because every single place I choose for the photoshoot matches with the outfit I'm wearing. But one my favourite places is the florest (as you can see in my blog), I love the textures and all the enviroment.

What blogs/sites do you read every day? 

The swedish ones for sure! My favourites are : douchaj.devote.se ; Fanny Lyckam; 365 days; Victoria Tornegren and Angelica Blick. Portuguese; The teenage royalty ; Room 91 and Mexiquer.

What do you think are going to be the major Street Style items for next season? 

I don't like to anticipate those type of things. I'm not an expert in fashion, but as far as I can see and feel... Safari and Military textures will rock this next season. 

Who are your favorite designers? Why? 

My answer is a bit cliche, but I love the Alexander Mcqueen house. I love how outrageous they are, and how they concept the looks... 

What are your favorite brands/stores? Why?

I love 2º hand stores. They have so many cool and usual things, and the most important, they have a very low price. 

If you could own a brand/ a store, what would it be? Why?

Well I don't know... But as I am addicted to shoes, probably some Jeffrey Campbell stuff, I just love the concept of the brand and their models of shoes. But I'd change the fact that they use animal leather on their products.

If you had to leave for a desert island, what three items would you bring with you?

I don’t know but, probably my family, a survivour kit and my dog!

Where are we most likely to find you?

The beach, is my favorite place. 

What’s your favorite book?

I just love design and art books.

Which singers/bands can we find on your iPod?

Guns N'Roses, Aerosmith, Nosaj Thing, The XX, Lykke Li and Grimes. This is the general selection I can do.

What’s your dream trip?

To travel around the Californian coast. 

In which city do you see yourself living in the future? Why?

Actually I love my country, but I'm very young and I haven't explored the world yet... so I can't answer properly to this question. 

If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Axl Rose (when he was 20 years old), The Campana Brothers and Leonardo da Vinci (to learn something from them about art and design).

If you could own the world for a day what would you do?

I´d just stop with the cruel way that human race treats animals, for example the animal tests.

Any advice for my readers?

It's very important for us to think that we can change the world, we just have to believe and never give up on it because it's the only way we can really change it. 

Any future projects? 

At this time, finish my university course of design and equipment and do something related to animal protection.

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Síl♥ disse...

Adoro a Maria, acho que ela tem dos melhores blogs de Portugal e esta entrevista comprovou o sem dúvida alguma ;)


Mariana disse...

uau! gostei imenso da entrevista :) sou seguidora assídua do blog da Maria, ela tem um estilo tão único, e a blogosfera portuguesa precisa disso mesmo, de muitas Marias :p



Concordamos inteiramente contigo! Este blog é fantástico e ela também. São poucos os looks que não nos agradam tanto. Bela entrevista e parabéns pelo blogue. :)

umblogfashion disse...

Adorei a entrevista! Sigo o blog da Maria há algum tempo e gosto mesmo muito :)