My top 3 tunes of the moment ♥

Nicki Minaj feat. Cassie - The Boys

Rihanna feat. A$AP Rocky - Cockiness Remix 

Theophilus London - Big Spender Ft. A$AP Rocky


A weekend in... Switzerland!

My dearest Teens, wondering why I haven't posted in such long tine? Well, let me tell you why. As some of you may know, next January I'm going to move to Switzerland, more specifically Montreux, to study Event, Sport and Entertainment Administration at Glion Institute of Higher Education. And last Saturday was the Institute's Open Day! So my parents and I decided to spend the weekend (from Thursday to Sunday) away from home visiting Genève and, of course, my future school. It was amazing! Though it was so cold (it even snowed!!), we had a blast visiting the Genève on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, and the Open Day (on Saturday) was a great experience as well. So many nice people, my future colleagues are so dope. My favorite part of the entire trip was wondering around all the fantastic shops (I died a bit inside looking at Céline and Versace bags and clothes) and malls (why don't we have Wildfox Couture in Portugal, whyyyy???) and to taste some typical and unbelievably good croissants, pastry and chocolates. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to photograph my future school (and house, since it's an boarding school) because I didn't want to seem as weird as the Chinese people at the Louvre taking pictures of Mona Lisa. But, when I get there, I will show you everything. It looks like Hogwarts, believe me. Meanwhile, here you have some pictures of my weekend, which I hope you enjoy :)

P.S. - If you think that Mc Donald's french fries are the best one's in the world, you're wrong. You need to try the ones from Café de Paris. They are addictive.


She nailed it! - ESSIE Event

Today I had, not only the pleasure, but the privilege to attend the most amazing event from ESSIE, the brand of dope nail polishes everyone uses around the globe (even Lenny Kravitz!). Essie Weingarten - a fabulous lady that loves to have her nails done since she was a little kid - herself came to Lisbon to celebrate with us the official launch of the brand in the Portuguese market. The room at the Hotel Altis Belém was full to hear the lady that inspires women in every corner of Earth. We heard her talk and had the chance to have our nails done. It was so cool! Essie nail polishes are just full of color and joy, two words that would definitely describe Essie herself. I'm going to try all the different colors, I'm sooo excited!

Thank you ESSIE for this beautiful gift!


Around my Queendom...

Since I moved two floors up in my building last Spring, so many amazing things have already happened here at home. These walls already keep some dope stories and have seen a lot of beautiful moments I guard in my heart. When I moved here, the thing that fascinated me the most was probably the light that comes into my bedroom by two big windows. I love light. I love to open my windows in the morning and feel the breeze. Even at night, I usually fall asleep looking at the skyline. It definitely fascinates me. I also love to have a bathroom where I can get ready every morning and that also provide enough space to have everything stored and organized. I know where all my beauty items are. I feel complete here. A thing that I love about when it's cold is to go to bed and enjoy a warm lemon/peach/passion fruit before falling asleep, while watching TV or surfing on Tumblr. And I also love to have friends over and talk for long hours. There are still things that have to be done here but, since I'm moving to Switzerland, I'd rather don't spend money on that and save it. Today I bring you some of my favorite parts in my bedroom (and bathroom). I have a big passion for Andy Warhol so I have two of his most famous statements that I also keep as life rules. I also own a big sneaker collection from when I was a teenager that I now use to go to the gym. You can see my bedroom tea corner and two of my bathroom shelves where I keep my beauty products that I use on a daily basis. In the first picture you can see my bed with the blanket that my best friend gave me last Christmas and, on the second one, you can see the painting that scored my the highest grade on Arts back in high school. I hope you enjoy and  you get to know me a bit more. I also leave you with my video for Bloggers In The Morning project by Jessica Silva that I like to remember every once in a while. And today seemed like the perfect occasion. 



Back in February. Can't believe this year is coming to an end.

Justin, thank Wu

Justin Wu, you crazy genious, thank you so much for putting Olivia Palermo next to River Viiperi and Francisco Lachowski. Spring 2013's top models know how to rock.



The Military Style

I have been a big fan of the military look for two, three years now.  It combines some of my favorite colors: red, blue and black. I remember I got my first big blue military jacket at ZARA and I just loved how powerful and comfortable I felt in it. Last year I bought a black one and I'm sure I'm going to use it a lot this Winter. I believe that military style pieces are timeless, they can last on your wardrobe for years. They just make you feel warm and cosy but fashionable at the same time. Today I bring a couple of suggestions to get the perfect military look for the cold months. Its crisp tailoring, brass buttons, well combined with navy and red, will make heads turn everywhere you go. You don't have to spend a lot of money to achieve a perfect look and, if you buy something a bit more expensive, I'm sure you will use it for years. And, one day that it's considered vintage, people will still use it for sure. Try to complete your look with gold details, such as buttons or earrings. And boots are essential, at least for me. As a bottom, I would choose a pair of black leggings, and then pair them with a big black jacket. There are so many combinations you can do.

Burberry Prorsum Belted Blazer at Farfetch

Tommy Hilfiger Cup Boot at Zappos

Short Pleated Wool Kilt by J.W. Anderson for Topshop at Topshop

Reiss Cocoon Sleeveless Shirt at Reiss

Givenchy Riding Rain Boot at Barneys

Lauren Ralph Lauren Button Gloves at Bloomingdales

Aurelie Bidermann Braided Chain Necklace at Neiman Marcus

Zara Military Coat with Gold Buttons at ZARA

Dooney & Bourke Saddle Bag at Dooney & Bourke