When I was on vacation in Lisbon, invited me to go with him to a very cool event. At Ministerium, Terreiro do Paço, right in the center of Lisbon, we got to know the Autumn/ Winter 2013/14 collection from Adidas Originals, full of color, personality and capable of pleasing everyone's different taste. Moreover, we had the chance to choose our favorite pieces from the collection and take professional pictures with them. And they also had a Schwarzkopf stand to do our hair and a Mary Kay stand for the make-up. I ended up choosing an amazing black and white sweater fom Jeremy Scott's collection for Adidas and a pair of sneakers that I found really cute. I love the way that this shoot turned out. The pics are really cool, and I wish I knew how to do this make-up, I like how my eyes stand out with the black eyeshadow. And I hope that, one day, I have the chance to buy the sweater, it's so Rita ahah. What do you guys think? Do you like it? 



Well, technically it's still Summer, but I started classes today. I woke up for no particular reason at half past six in the morning, jumped into the shower, had breakfast with classmates and started the day with a three hour class of Basic Financial Accounting. Don't feel sorry for me, I actually liked it. Today I'm bringing you a collection of pictures that illustrate the best of my Summer. Between turning 23, having fun at Santos Populares, having my two besties from the Institute visiting me and staying at my house, going to the beach, trying new places and enjoying the hot weater, I still spent some quality time with my boyfriend, friends and parents/family. Summer went by so fast. But that's ok. I have so many good memories and I'm sure I made the best of it. Here in Switzerland the weather is actually pretty nice, I can't complain. Let's see what surprises this semester is bringing.

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Beach, beach, beach

Having an amazing time at BLANCO

Santos Populares at its best

Healthy breakfast vs. Hard Rock Cafe dinner

Hot Dog Lovers and Artisani

Karina, Mia and I

and I at Super Bock Super Rock waiting for Azealia Banks

Some changes in my room

A photo shoot that I did for Adidas that I'm showing you tomorrow

Turning 23



Many of you don't know but... I'M BACK IN SWITZERLAND! Which means that I finally have time to update the blog! I'm back to Glion Institute of Higher Education, this time on Bulle campus, for my second, and last, semester of my Post Graduate Diploma on Event, Sport and Entertainment. I'm sooo excited for the new adventures to come and see what the next five months have in store for me. I came here yesterday, after waking up really early, and it was great to see all my international friends again. The only thing that makes me sad is having classes in August, but well, I will need to get used to it. Now I need to focus on finding the best internship as possible, so I can start in January. I want to manage and administrate music festivals, so one of my options is definitely LA (oh Coachella...). And, I hope, wherever you are, you're having a sunbath and a mojito on the beach for me :)




Hi Teens! Long time no posts! Well, I must say that basically, since I arrived in Portugal one month ago, I haven't stopped. I have been treating my house like a hotel, only to sleep and eat. I only have less than one month left in Portugal for Summer time before going back to Switzerland, so I'm trying to have the best time ever with my boyfriend, friends, parents and family. It has been crazy! But sooo nice.

Today I'm bringing you one of the best projects I have been part of since this blog was born almost four years ago. "New Girls On The Blog" is a project that features me alongside the young generation of Portuguese bloggers: Sofia from Mexiquer, Nádia from My Fashion Insider, Mafalda from Last Time Around, Inês from Room 91, Mariana from Miss Tangerine, photography by Jessica Silva and make-up by Victoria Marie Goulding. It was amazing to meet these beautiful bloggers that have such great personalities and that do an amazing job every single day! I hope you enjoy the article and the photos! Click on the article to enlarge! Do not forget to comment! See you in the end of the month!