Soiree Glamour @ Sephora by Benefit

Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend a very glamourous soiree at Sephora sponsored by the worldwide known make-up brand Benefit. I just love their products! My favorite is the Pore-fessional that kills all your pores in your daily make-up, it's amazing! It was so much fun! They prepared champagne, macarrons and fruit for us, while people could try Benefit's make-up in the different stands in and outside the store. And, of course, they didn't forget about the music. The make-up artists were dancing around the store, so cool! But my favorite part was seeing the talented artists drawing graffiti's of Spygal, the Pore-fessional and the brand's mascot, outside the store. Super!!

2 comentários:

Insanely It disse...

beeem! tenho mesmo que ir espreitar a sephora! :D

Anónimo disse...

já experimentas-te o produto para os poros? aconselhas?!