THE 90's ARE BACK !!

Do you remember how cool it was to go to a store and buy a cd or to tape your favorite songs that were on the radio on a cassette? Do you remember Mel Gibson on Braveheart? And seing a young Claudia Schiffer on the cover of some magazine? And the amazing Disney movies like Lion King? It has already been 20 years since the beggining of the 90's, the decade where I was born and that I remember like it was yesterday. I loved (and still love) the Spice Girls so much.
The most excessive fashion from that decade has been inspiring more and more our generation. I've heard "That's really 90's" a hundred times. Brands like Topshop, Zara and H&M are full of printed leggings and crop-tops. The XXL sizes are officially back. Many vintage stores are now completing their archives with pieces from the 90's by Tom Ford for Gucci, Valentino, Yves Saint Luarent, John Galliano and Gaultier. And of course they haven't forgotten about the accessories. A pair of Chanel sunnies from the 90's may cost you 2500 dollars and a Versace bag may be worth 1500 dollars. Many famous houses reborned during that decade. Chanel was really conservative until Lagerfeld transformed its image during the 90's with pastel colors and short skirts, for example.
There are many trends from the 90's that I remember really well and some of them I actually like: neon colors, oversized sweaters, black leather jackets, colored tights, tartan skirts, baby doll dresses, matching jeans and denim jackets (that now makes me vomit), leggings, Converse, lace blouses, long floral skirts, pastel colors, crop tops and many more.
What do you think about this 90's revival? Do you like it? I hope you do because it is here to stay.

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