Juicy Couture Vespas down Regent Street

Imagine going down the street and having EIGHTEEN male models passing by you while riding a really girly Vespa. That would be awesome and a big surprise right? Well, that’s what happened last Tuesday, 24th July, when Juicy Couture sent eighteen male models on JC Vespas, really pinky and shiny, down Regent Street, in London, to celebrate the opening of their new flagship store. Tali Lennox, model and IT girl, played the leader of the pack wearing JC’s beautiful Covent Garden print. You can check what happened in the video above. And don’t miss the photos of the new store below as well! It’s so pretty, it has a lot of space for you to pick your favorite clothes and the dressing rooms look really comfortable too. I just feel like getting in a plane and going to London to visit this amazing store right away!! It’s such a shame that we don’t have Juicy Couture in Portugal :(

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Liliana Fernandes disse...

Gostei do post!

Lara Uittenhove disse...

i'm a blogger frm belgium!
but i just started :)
I came randomly on your blog
and i'm in love with it.
Your style is great! and every post is different and keeps inspirating me!
keep working like this!
i love it!

want to check out my blog too?
it's not much yet, but i hope can be like you one day!

love, Lara