Dope bloggers and stuff like that: NATIVE FOX

Imagine you could pick a random blogger from the web and use everything he/shes has in his/her closet. That would be dreamy, right? If I had the chance to that, I would choose Jennifer Grace's, the author of the blog Native Fox, closet. I seriously envy every single piece she owns, so stylish, classy and dope at the same time. Her blog is just amazing, she seems so nice and her style is really powerful. I love how she mixes her clothes. Sometimes she is so angelical, with her hairbands and dresses, and white and pastel pieces. Then she becomes a rocker chick with black and denim clothes. And I love her accessories, her hats and boots are so cool. Not to mention her beautiful hair. I would love to meet her one day and do a photo shoot with her. I'm sure we would have an amazing time. Don't forget to check her blog out here.

4 comentários:

NEXT STOP disse...

A-D-O-R-E-I !!!

mãedesaltosaltos disse...

Gostei do blog! beijinhos

Sofia disse...

Great hair, great legs and great style!

Love your blog by the way!


Marisa Oliveira disse...

Que fotos bonitas =D