Dope bloggers and stuff like that: CHIARA BIASI

Besides Chiara from The Blonde Salad, there is another italian chick - curiously also named Chiara - that's totally rocking the blogosphere. Meet Chiara Biasi, the author of the blog that has her own name and that she created last January. She writes in Italian, which isn't easy for me to read because the only things I know how to say in italian are good morning, good night, pizza and pasta. But this girl is sooo beautiful, so stylish, that I don't even mind don't understanding what she writes because her photos speak for themselves. I have to confess that, though I love her clothes, what I envy on Chiara's closet is her accessories (and her neon bikinis). She has SO MANY cool accessories that I would like to own. I love the way she mixes her clothes with them and how they look so good the way she puts them together. Most of all, I really like her earings and bracelets. I'm not a girl that accessorizes that much but I have to admit that the way her accessories complete the entire outfit is totally flawless. Don't forget to check her blog out  HERE.

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Vicky disse...

Que gira! ;)

Marika disse...

I follow her since The Golden mode, she's so gorgeous!!!
I invite you to follow my blog on http://laviecestchic.blogspot.com, hope that you like it!!!