The Music Issue #1: KANYE WEST

There are no words to describe how much I love Kanye West. His songs are beyond powerful and the lyrics are just genius. This American rapper (and also record producer), who is now 34 years-old, released his debut album The College Dropout in 2004. Then came his second album Late Registration in 2005, his third album Graduation two years after and his fourth album 808s&Heartbreak in 2008. His latest work, and his best work until now (in my opinion), is called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and it was in 2010. From this album my favorite songs are:

His five solo albums have all gone platinum. Kanye also released a collaborative album, Watch the Throne, with Jay-Z on August 8, 2011. The first song to have a music video is called OTIS, and it was preformed at last year's MTV Video Music Awards. Watching two of my favorite rappers preform together on TV was a moment of pure magic for me. Check this song music video out:

My favorite song of all times from this amazing artist is from the album Graduation and it's called Good Life. I fell in love with it from the first time I listened to it. I think it has a catchy beat and the lyrics are really powerful. It puts me in a good mood right from its first chords. The song features T-Pain, another artist that I like, and the video is really colorful and original.

Last Summer I was lucky enough to have the chance to see him perform live at Sudoeste Festival. It was the best concert of my life and also my biggest adventure. I waited nine hours along with my friend Denise so we made sure we had a place directly in front of the stage, front row style. So we waited from half past three o'clock in the afternoon til half past midnight, when he finally showed up on stage. I always said if I ever had the chance to see Kanye it had to be on the front row!

Me on the front row :)
It was an amazing concert, full of special effects, and he also had a group of amazing dancers! The show lasted for two hours and he sang ALL of his famous songs like Heartless, Jesus Walks, Touch The Sky, Stronger, as well as almost all of the songs from his latest album. It was so good, I will never forget it. If you want to know how Kanye's concerts look like, check this next videos, his concert at Coachella Festival in 2010. I'm sure you will love it! I already watched it over and over again, it brings me such good memories.

I think Kanye is an amazing artist, an urban legend and a really talented rapper. He created many memorable songs and videos that have already won many awards. His music represent a fantasy world to me and I know many of them by heart. I hope I have the chance to see him in concert again and, for me, he will always be one of the best men on the music business, influencing the world with his powerful music and voice. You just gotta love him.

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Francisca disse...

i share the same passion, kanye is legendary :)

Estupidezes disse...

Gosto muito do Kanye, sem dúvida é um visionário. Poder assistir a um concerto dele deve ser legendário.

Filipa disse...

Eu delirei com o concerto do Kanye:))) foi perfeito!!!