Gisele Bundchen by Patrick Demarchelier

I have to be honest with you Teens. I'm not a big Gisele Bundshen fan. I don't know why. I think she is stunning of course, but I prefer those models that are not totally drop dead gorgeous but have something uncommon about themselves that catches your attention. Take Lindsey Wixson an the sape between her teeth. Or Daphne Goeneveld an her wierd nose. Or Tallulah Morton tomboy look. I think all of them have something exquisite about themselves.
But this Gisele shoot swept me of my feet. I mean, she looks better than ever. She is rocking all the pieces. It's impossible not to love the colorful crop tops and skinny jeans, everything neon, one of the biggest trends right now. This shoot if featured in Vogue Brazil and lensed by one of my favorite fashion photographers, the unique Patrick Demarchelier. Everything is so artsy and she looks completely fierce.
I just love the top on the first picture and the shorts on the forth. What do you think?


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L disse...

love love love it!! o teu blog é fenomenal, vou já seguir!