An amazing brand called STYLEGODIS

A few days ago I was cruising through my Instagram and I found this really cool brand called STYLEGODIS. I falled in love with it immediately. Their clothes are beyond gorgeous and the colours are to die for. I think they are really edgy and totally my style. I just love the shorts, the dresses, the tops...so lovely. You can't miss their accesories too, I'm sure you will love them. But my favorite part is the lookbooks (you can see some pictures below, aren't they great?). Don't forget to check out their website and Instagram. And from now on there will be a banner on the blog's sidebar so you can check out their news anytime you want :)

3 comentários:

Insanely It disse...

Que boa descoberta!! ^^ confesso que não consigo dizer o que gostei mais! :D Levo tudo! ahhahaha

Isidora disse...

Nice stuff! Love your blog! So chick! :D

Stefani disse...

Great site! They have amazing clothes!