When I was a little kid I loved to have my hair braided. It is so cute and lovable. Braided hair was one of the biggets trends on the runway at New York Fashion week, such as in Rachel Zoe and Rebecca Minkoff. It is my favorite trend for Spring 2014. If I wasn't a blogger or a music-festivals-coordinator-to-be, I would be a hairdresser. I love hair, especially when it's long and when you can just give wings to your imagination with it. I really want/need to learn how to do all these braids, they all look amazing, but difficult. There are thousands of ways to braid your hair. Here you have some inspiration.

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Insanely It disse...

i love messy braids or african style braids... well, actually, if it's a braid i'll love it! :D

Danny disse...

gosto gosto gosto!

Nádia Sepúlveda disse...

adoro tranças...de todo e qualquer formato <3

Tenho de tirar ideias novas para este Outono! :)

beijinhos, Nádia
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