I’m going to be honest with you. Though I love being here in Bulle, my level of excitement to go home in two weeks is beyond what words can describe. I don’t know if people realize how hard it is to be away from home for me. It was so hard to leave my boyfriend, friends, parents and family in July, maybe even harder than in January. I can’t wait to see everyone and spend time doing what I love the most. But here things have been great. I scored a 91% in an individual project that I needed to do about Leadership and, overall, my grades are very good. I have been having a lot of amazing moments with my friends. And, most of all, have been spending a lot of time at the gym. I wasn’t feeling happy about my body so, about one month ago, I decided to change my attitudes and behaviors towards having a healthier lifestyle. And you can already see the results! Very proud of myself. Today I bring you a selection of pictures to show you what my days here in Bulle look like.

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Swiss pastry

Noticing changes in my body and my gym calendar

Healthy food for me!!

American red cups, Portuguese beer and friends

The custest landscape

Good night :)

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ritzz disse...

adorei as fotos!


Ni disse...

finally found a portuguese blogger who writes in english d: