I am so excited to show everyone my new colorful and super pretty iPhone case! Oh My Darling sent me this amazing iPhone case that I just got today! I have to say that I've never been so happy to receive a gift since I left home in January. It is so good when people appreciate my work and efforts to keep everyone updated about what's happening in the fashion and music world. Receiving these little treats only makes everything better. This iPhone case is totally my style, completely pink and joyful, just like me :) At the online store you will also find this case in yellow, orange, grey and black. But, for me, the pink one is the prettiest, and it really gives a pop of color to my cellphone. I strongly advise you check out Oh My Darling online store on Facebook and follow the latest items Joana is selling at @ohmydarlingshop on Instagram. Once again, thank you so much for brightning up my day, i love it!

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