I have a thing for beach bags. I'm not saying the bags where you transport all your stuff to go to the beach. I'm saying those bags where you put your sunscreen and lipstick on. I love those, especially when they are silky and beach themed. So when I came across Samudra I almost had an heart attack. These beach bags are to die for. I can't even choose, I want literally all of them! They are sooo cute!! And when the beach season is off you can transport your iPad on them, so cool! Which on of them do you prefer? I personally can't decide. Don't forget to visit Samudra HERE!!

4 comentários:

Lúcia disse...

Realmente são muito giras!!

Isa Machado disse...

São lindas! :D

Room91 disse...

You're right Rita, it's impossible to choose...love them all.

Martin disse...

I love them! Jessica Stein from tuula vintage has one as well! :)