Free People just launched the second part of their series of short films Roshambo! "In Roshambo: Rock, we go back in time to uncover a piece in Sheila and Chris's relationship history before they were reunited so serendipitously on a street in New York. At this point in time, Sheila and Chris have just parted ways, and she finds her world crumbling. To get him off of her mind, her best friends, played by Michele Ouellet and Britt Maren, swoop in and whisk her away to Rio de Janeiro. The three beauties wander the city, throw on electric bikinis to hit the water, and dance the night away when a Spanish love interest, played by polo player, Diego Osorio, makes his way into picture...". I fell in love with the first video the second I first laid eyes on it, but this one is even better. I just love the Rio sets, it makes me want to go back there. What do you think about this second short film? You can watch the first one HERE.

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