I can not believe this semester is coming to an end. It seems like it was yesterday that I was flying to Switzerland to start my PG in Event, Sport and Entertainment Administration. And, as sad as I can be for the fact that I am not going to see my friends during Summer, I'm happy that I'm coming home in less than three weeks. I miss my parents, family, boyfriend and friends. And I miss the Portuguese Sun like hell. I can't wait to spend my days at the beach just relaxing. And I can not believe that I'm turning 23 in exactly one month!! That's crazy!! ahah. Well, let's hope for the best for the next few days, I'm one exam, two presentations and one project away from being in vaycay. Fingers crossed. Coming home on the 1st of June. Meanwhile, I leave you with some pictures from the last 10 days :)

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Yummy food in school



American Apparel glitter nail polish and Chanel lipstick


Corporate look vs. Rocker look

4 comentários:

Jessica Silva disse...

Rita..aserio que aquilo é comida da tua school??

la joie de vivre! disse...

bem, quem me dera que a minha faculdade servisse pratos como os das fotos! :P

Mariana disse...

gostei imenso das fotos! que pôr do sol lindo :)


Joana Salvador disse...

Adoro a cor do batom :)