I have to apologize to you for my almost two week absence, but lately I've been feeling kinda lost. It's like I lost my identity. I don't know if it makes sense to you, if you ever felt that way in your life. But lately I it's like I have so much stuff to do than I just don't do nothing. Switzerland has killed my personality a bit. I know it's hard for me to say this and try to understand what I'm saying. But here it's like I can't be myself. I'm usually a very active person, I don't like to stay at home, I love being with my friends and I'm saying jokes all the time. But here I just feel lazy, being in the middle of nowhere is hard. And that's why I haven't blogged in a long time. I'd rather be quiet than do shitty posts.
But yesterday I took a deap breath and said to myself "Bitch, get your shit together". I love blogging sooo much that I'm even surprised that this mood of mine afected such sacred place like my blog. I'm sorry if I disappointed you somehow. We are almost reaching 1000 followers and in August we celebrate the 4th anniversary of The Teenage Royalty!! OMG, I can't believe it! So, what I'm trying to say is, though I'm in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland studying, that doesn't mean I can't be myself. I need to try to stay as close to my heart as possible and follow my dreams. If we lived in a pink world where everything was perfect it would be so much easier. But we don't live in a pink perfect world. So I believe that we should take as much as possible from every single one of our life experiences. Because everything happens for a reason. I promise I'll keep blogging everyday and you guys please don't stop reading my posts because I'm really devoted to this place that has already opened a lot of doors (and windows) to me. I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere, I swear.

Well, I'd rather live in a pink world, but what you have in real life is so much better.



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lanciacoriandoli disse...

love the raspberry macaron *_*

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Carina disse...

Rita eu tenho sido seguidora do teu blog e tenho acompanhado as tuas aventuras na Suiça :) Eu penso que o que sentes muita gente sente também quando emigra para um país frio, como por exemplo EU haha Eu emigrei há 2 meses para a Holanda e também me sinto sem identidade aqui..o tempo não ajuda e sentes sempre uma moleza no corpo que não dá para explicar..Lembra-te só que quando acabar e caso voltes vais te lembrar com nostalgia e vais poder utilizar conhecimentos daí que em Portugal não teria muita saída..So remember, everything happens for a reason ;)

Catarina Calçada Gaspar disse...

sim, era muito mais fácil (e bonito) viver num mundo cor-de-rosa, mas como o mundo não é cor-de-rosa, lá temos nós que trazer o cor-de-rosa até nós :)
chear up girl! * :)

Amanda Chic disse...

I love your blog too, adorei!! i am your new follower

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A chic kiss ;)