I needed a break. I needed to get out of the mountain for one day and see different people before my last days of studying before going home. So I got in the train and went to Lausanne to spend this Saturday afternoon. It finally stopped raining, the Sun was kinda sorta out and it was quite warm. It was the third time I went to Lausanne and so I already knew where to go in order not to waste time. I went to Bongenie and Globus galleries, Zara, H&M, I Am... and other shops. I could not hold myself and needed to bring home some amazing new babies with me: a pair of Zara earrings (I almost had an heart attack when I saw them), the most amazing frangipani Summer Scent from Australian brand Urban Rituelle (if only you could smell it through the computer) and, of course, a box of macarons from La Durée. What do you think about my choices? Like? :)

3 comentários:

Z. disse...

amo os brincos rita!!! são taaaao a tua cara <3

Mais um blog de gaja disse...

adoro! que fotos maravilhosas :3


Suuu disse...

coisas tão giras!