Summer time is my favorite time of the year. Days are bigger, you can go to the beach and have long nights with your friends. I believe it's totally time to choose some new beautiful items for your Summer closet!! For me the hottest season means bright colors, crop tops, tribal prints and lace all over the place. SheInside is an amazing online store where you can find stunning new pieces for your closet. And today I'm showing you my choices for this Summer from SheInside: dresses, tops and jumpsuits. There are links for every item on the bottom of each picture. Do you like them? What do you think?

1. Blue Sleeveless Hollow Shoulder Pleated Dress / 2. Green V Neck Sleeveless Lace Pleated Chiffon Dress / 3. Pink Sleeveless Tribal Embroidery Pleated Dress / 4. White Purple Round Neck Sleeveless Galaxy Dress / 5. Green Sleeveless Sequined Shoulder High Low Dress / 6. Red Short Sleeve Sheer Crochet Lace Dress / 7. Blue Sleeveless Cascading Ruffle Chiffon Dress / 8. Yellow Sleeveless Gemstone Print Lace High Low Dress

1. Blue Lapel Sleeveless Single Breasted Loose Shirt / 2. Black Short Sleeve HOMIES Print Loose T-Shirt / 3. Purple Sleeveless Ruffles Chiffon Vest / 4. "American Flag" Print Short Sleeve Midriff T-shirt / 5. Orange Sleeveless Cascading Ruffle Chiffon Vest / 6. Grey Short Sleeve YEAH Print Crop T-Shirt /7. Light Green Sleeveless Pocket Chiffon Vest / 8. Yellow Sleeveless Diamond Print Tassel Blouse

1. Leopard Chiffon Middle Waist Jumpsuit / 2. Blue Solid Round Neck Sleeveless Pierced High Waist Chiffon Jumpsuit / 3. Multi Strapless Galaxy Print Loose Chiffon Jumpsuit / 4. Royal Blue Spaghetti Strap Ruffles Chiffon Jumpsuit / 5. White Black Sleeveless Lace Belt Jumpsuit / 6. White and Blue Sleevelss Abstract Print Jumpsuit / 7. White Short Sleeve Overlay Lace Bandeau Jumpsuit / 8. Lake Blue Sleeveless Peplum Hem Jumpsuit

5 comentários:

Algodão Doce disse...

Adoro, adoro o 3 vestido.


ritzz disse...

adorei as tuas escolhas!

Patrícia M. disse...

Definitivamente ansiosa por usar roupinhas como estas.. Adorei imensos vestidinhos!
Agora a seguir.


Zineb.C of Asidress.blogspot.com disse...

I love those jumpsuits, i want them all.
Thanks for passing by my blog and sure i'll follow you back

Anónimo disse...

Jumpsuits, jumpsuits, jumpsuits FOREVER