Today I'm starting a new challenge on the blog called "Four Weeks, Four Pieces from ROMWE". ROMWE is one of my favorite online brands in the world. Their items are so unique, cute and super fashionable.  I really relate to the brand, I love it and I'm sure you will love it too. Every Thursday, during these next four weeks, I'm going to promote four items that really represent the "Latest Sreet Fashion".

The first item I'm promoting, and that I highly suggest you to buy, is the Oversized Aztec Denim Coat. It is sooo amazing, I love it. I love the pattern mixed with the denim. So cool! It is only $91.99 and it's totally worth it. I would definitely pair it with a pair of black leggings and black boots.

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Maria Oliveira disse...

Hi, I loved your blog, congratulations, it's pretty cool.
I'm following your blog now and I would like to invite you to meet my Blog.
If you like and want to follow my blog too, you will be very welcome.
Kisses from Brazil

Andrea Francisco disse...

Gostei do teu blog! eu tmb sou blogger portuguesa mas moro em Andorra! adorei o post, é um lindo casaco! beijos, Andrea


ritzz disse...

adorei o casaco, é super giro mesmo!xo