I have always been a huge fan of Miss Sky Ferreira. I found her almost three years ago and she keeps on amazing me. Her style, her look, her youth and her "i don't care" behaviour makes you want to party with her. I consider this 21 year-old babe true Teen Royalty, for obvious reasons, and I also love her music ("And now all I can hear is one, one, one, one, one..."). When I saw on her Facebook page that she was photographed by the current creative director for Saint Laurent, the one and only Hedi Slimane, I couldn't help myself to go check it out. And thank God I did. The result was just amazing, this is probably one of my favorite shoots of Sky of all times. It really shows an image of the next door babe that you want to hang out with and have a good time. And it's so cool to know that she has a bit of Portuguese blood (mixed with Brazilian and American). I think that Sky always stays true to herself in whatever she does and she never disappoints.

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Insanely It disse...

Adoro a última foto por ser a mais natural e espontânea ^^

Diana Horsfall disse...

amazing pics