Everyone that has already lived away from their home knows that you can't bring everything with you. So today I'm showing you some of the stuff that I brought from Lisbon to make me feel at home in Bulle. Sometimes it's quite hard, since I don't have a lot of space and stuff with me, and I'm always saying to myself "Oh I wish I had this and that with me now". Living away from home is not an easy task. Actually I have been a bit homesick lately. I have been in Bulle for three weeks now and I miss already everyone so much. Three weeks might not seem like a lot, but for someone that is very close to her boyfriend, parents, family and friends, it actually is. I'm coming back for a break to Portugal in the beggining of October and I'm already excited! I have been fortunate enough to have really good weather during the past three weeks. We have had barbecues, we have already been to the lake and have lots of fun. I really don't want the cold weather to arrive!! I just got to stay positive and have a smile on my face. Everything will be alright :)

The book I'm currently reading and ZARA fragrances that I'm loving

Essencials in my bag

My jewelry box and some of my items

My nail-polishes

My make-up

My everyday shoes

7 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Mas podemos sempre tentar :D
Dizer para não teres saudades é fácil, mas tenta aproveitar a tua vida aí, vais ficar com muito mais saudades quando voltares, acredita!


Catarina Pinto disse...

Quem me dera ter a Naked *-* que sorte!!


daphne disse...

Acredito que seja difícil viver longe de casa mas pensa no que te trouxe até aí e nos objetivos que esperas concretizar, tudo irá valer a pena.
Estive para comprar esses sapatos da Zara, pretos com tachas e ainda não sei bem porque não os trouxe comigo. xx

Stefany disse...

Thats a freakin cute jewelry box!


A Mode World disse...

Great post. I enjoyed reading it :)


Isa disse...

Duuuuude a) I had no idea that Zara made fragrances, and b) I love ALL your shoes.


Filipa Leite disse...

lovely collection!! :)