Bulle, Switzerland. A small town where nothing much happens. Like in the rest of this entire country. But it is ok. At least this time I am not on top of the mountain. So, these first two weeks were interesting. I already learnt a lot of stuff in class, I am enjoying the subjects I am taking. And I already met a lot of people, very nice people. I have been also enjoying the company of my friends from last semester. Four of them are sharing a house instead of sleeping in the school housing. So many nights we get together at their place and laugh loads. And we did an amazing barbecue at their house last Thursday, so cool! Last week I had the chance to enjoy a beautiful Saturday afternoon on the lake. The sights are so pretty, see for yourselves! This place also has a lot of cows, it is very funny. I am very much looking forward for my next adventures and I will keep you posted on them. Besides, the 4th Birthday of The Teenage Royalty is coming up and I have a very special post prepared for you guys!

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Healthy breakfast

Barbecue with friends

Rockin these two outfits for school

An afternoon on the lake

Enjoying Summer time

Friends, friends, friends...

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Ana Silva disse...

Gostei imenso do post! A minha melhor amiga tbm esta a viver na suiça!^_^ és linda, tens uma cara super amorosa ^_^

Insanely It disse...

Adoro as paisagens na Suiça! :) Tenho imensa pena de este verão não ir aí! E olha que eu acho que por esses lados há muito mais a acontecer do que por cá. Pelo menos culturalmente =/
Adoro os teus conjuntos para as aulas! :)