She nailed it! - ESSIE Event

Today I had, not only the pleasure, but the privilege to attend the most amazing event from ESSIE, the brand of dope nail polishes everyone uses around the globe (even Lenny Kravitz!). Essie Weingarten - a fabulous lady that loves to have her nails done since she was a little kid - herself came to Lisbon to celebrate with us the official launch of the brand in the Portuguese market. The room at the Hotel Altis Belém was full to hear the lady that inspires women in every corner of Earth. We heard her talk and had the chance to have our nails done. It was so cool! Essie nail polishes are just full of color and joy, two words that would definitely describe Essie herself. I'm going to try all the different colors, I'm sooo excited!

Thank you ESSIE for this beautiful gift!

3 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Vi essa imagem dos mil frasquinhos pelo Facebook e adorei logo logo : ))


Lúcia disse...

adoro as cores! vernizes lindos!

Insanely It disse...

Que sorte! quero todos! ahah