Around my Queendom...

Since I moved two floors up in my building last Spring, so many amazing things have already happened here at home. These walls already keep some dope stories and have seen a lot of beautiful moments I guard in my heart. When I moved here, the thing that fascinated me the most was probably the light that comes into my bedroom by two big windows. I love light. I love to open my windows in the morning and feel the breeze. Even at night, I usually fall asleep looking at the skyline. It definitely fascinates me. I also love to have a bathroom where I can get ready every morning and that also provide enough space to have everything stored and organized. I know where all my beauty items are. I feel complete here. A thing that I love about when it's cold is to go to bed and enjoy a warm lemon/peach/passion fruit before falling asleep, while watching TV or surfing on Tumblr. And I also love to have friends over and talk for long hours. There are still things that have to be done here but, since I'm moving to Switzerland, I'd rather don't spend money on that and save it. Today I bring you some of my favorite parts in my bedroom (and bathroom). I have a big passion for Andy Warhol so I have two of his most famous statements that I also keep as life rules. I also own a big sneaker collection from when I was a teenager that I now use to go to the gym. You can see my bedroom tea corner and two of my bathroom shelves where I keep my beauty products that I use on a daily basis. In the first picture you can see my bed with the blanket that my best friend gave me last Christmas and, on the second one, you can see the painting that scored my the highest grade on Arts back in high school. I hope you enjoy and  you get to know me a bit more. I also leave you with my video for Bloggers In The Morning project by Jessica Silva that I like to remember every once in a while. And today seemed like the perfect occasion. 

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We Dress to Express disse...

Gostei imenso do video e da rotina..
O quarto é bonito, sóbrio e adoro a luminosidade que tem!;)

Insanely It disse...

Também gosto muito do andy warhol e tenho um quadro como os teus mas com outra frase ("one's company, two's a crowd and three's a party") oferecido por uma amaiga ^^
Já estive de ferias no sitio onde funciona a escola para onde vais e aquilo é lindo! Vais adorar ^^