A weekend in... Switzerland!

My dearest Teens, wondering why I haven't posted in such long tine? Well, let me tell you why. As some of you may know, next January I'm going to move to Switzerland, more specifically Montreux, to study Event, Sport and Entertainment Administration at Glion Institute of Higher Education. And last Saturday was the Institute's Open Day! So my parents and I decided to spend the weekend (from Thursday to Sunday) away from home visiting Genève and, of course, my future school. It was amazing! Though it was so cold (it even snowed!!), we had a blast visiting the Genève on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, and the Open Day (on Saturday) was a great experience as well. So many nice people, my future colleagues are so dope. My favorite part of the entire trip was wondering around all the fantastic shops (I died a bit inside looking at Céline and Versace bags and clothes) and malls (why don't we have Wildfox Couture in Portugal, whyyyy???) and to taste some typical and unbelievably good croissants, pastry and chocolates. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to photograph my future school (and house, since it's an boarding school) because I didn't want to seem as weird as the Chinese people at the Louvre taking pictures of Mona Lisa. But, when I get there, I will show you everything. It looks like Hogwarts, believe me. Meanwhile, here you have some pictures of my weekend, which I hope you enjoy :)

P.S. - If you think that Mc Donald's french fries are the best one's in the world, you're wrong. You need to try the ones from Café de Paris. They are addictive.

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Marga disse...

adorei, adorei! eu estou a pensar estagiar na suíça, pelo que já sei a quem posso pedir dicas eheh.

scenique route disse...

Oh gosh. I'd go broke from all the beautiful things to buy! Congrats on your extraordinary move!

XO Amy