Miranda Kerr for Russh Magazine’s

I'm going to be honest you. I personally don't like to talk about the big worldwide known models such as Adriana, Gisele or Alessandra. I prefer to talk about those models that have a special something and that have a very promising career in the fashion industry. I think Miranda Kerr is really pretty but she’s not one of my favorite models. But as soon as I came across this editorial my heart just stopped. She looks absolutely stunning for the Australian publication Russh’s “Homegrown Issue”. In the magazine’s October-November issue’s cover, Miranda appears all dressed up in Aussie labels, with pieces I totally see myself wearing. I just love the sunset in the last two pictures, both of them are my favorites. And her Indie/Rocker style is beyond amazing.

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Giada Graziano disse...

miranda kerr is fantastic!


Miss_body-of-proof disse...

Olá :)
Não conhecia o teu blog...mas agora que conheço vou seguir...