ModaLisboa 34' Check Point - 13th

Last thursday, at four o'clock in the afternoon, I got a call from ModaLisboa saying that me and my group of Audiovisual Communication Techniques couldn't tape the event and we could only be there one day. All of us got really pissed off and sad because we all were really excited about it. We all thought it was a big lack of professionalism because, when they called, the beginning of the event was only two hours away and had everything planned in advanced, we did research and a written work to show our teacher. So that's why I haven't been posting lately any pictures or comments on the event. But at least, we chose one day to attend the event and we chose yesterday, the 13th.

The sun was shinning in Lisbon and me, Joana, Inês and Zé (that you might also know from his amazing blog 2x Nº1), headed up downtown for what should be an amazing, glamorous and stylish afternoon. And it was beyond that. When we got there, we had to get our Guest Passports and, after that, we entered a big room where there were stands from many sponsors of the event. Besides watching the shows, we spent the afternoon drinking Martini's, getting our hair and make-up done, talking to really nice people, drinking Vitamin Water (which I personally hate, it tates like sweet medicine), taking pictures, trying to spot famous people and having a lot of fun.

And, off course, I had to take pictures of famous people that were there. But we knew who the real famous people were: us =)

Now talking fashion, during the afternoon I saw four shows (I didn't see Salsa because I was having my make-up done LOL) : Aleksandar Protic (which was mainly a black and gold collection with weird shapes which I didn't like), Miguel Vieira (a black blue and white collection, with lots of hats, gloves, sunglasses and bags, that I loved, specially men clothes that were really classy), Pedro Pedro (really natural colors, light brown, maron,wool, fur, plastic garmets) and really famous Nuno Baltazar (a collection called "Paris | Deco | New York", a urban classy look, but from whom I was expecting a lot more). I'll leave here some pictures for you to see:

Aleksandar Protic

Miguel Vieira

Pedro Pedro

Nuno Baltazar

I hope next year I can attend the event again. I had a lot of fun and took 512 pictures with my father's amazing camera. I hope everything is ok with you and that you0re enjoying the sun wherever you are. Spring is almost here!
so much love <3

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Anónimo disse...

EXCELENTE post!!! amei!:)

Tangy Tidbits (Tina Tang Team) disse...

Hello! WOW that looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! The pictures came out great, your father must really have an amazing camera! Can't wait to read your next post, they're great!


Pepa Xavier disse...

Olá, devias ter ido ao da Salsa tirando a Orshi até foi bem louco. Tive pena de não ter visto o Zé por lá...coitado do rapaz nem teve direito a uma foto. lol

Gostei do teu blog miss R.