Looking through my window, what I see makes me feel sick. Seriously, when is it going to stop raining? I want sun sooo bad. Or it might be cold but please stop the rain. We get wet, my shoes are full of water and we have to run everywhere because we want to protect our hair. I can't wait for Spring to come. My closet is full of cool clothes that I really want to wear. I tried my bikinis yesterday so I could get a little taste of summer and I realized that I have to buy new ones. The patterns are last season so I guess I'll have to get some new bikinis. I heard that Cia. Maritima has an awesome new collection so I can't wait to check them out!

Last night was my university's party and I had such an awesome time! I'm part of the students committee and I'm in charge of our blog. It's not totally finished yet but when it's done I'll show you. So, we the human sciences committee organized the party along with law students committee and all together we through one of this year's biggest parties. It was at Gossip and we invited Dj Diego Miranda and Liliana. Together they have the single "Ibiza Dreams" with I like but don't adore. It's ok. I prefer "Selfish Love" of Pedro Cazanova and Andrea. But anyways, being part of the students committee has its benefits so we had access to the private are and we could have a little more space. Within the crowd there wasn't a lot of it. And I'm small so I was getting smashed and hit all the time. In the private are we had space and I danced a lot. The music was really good and we could see that everybody was really enjoying the party. Me and my friends danced all together and we had an awesome time of course :)

These were my clothes yesterday night: the H&M t-shirt from The Blues collection, Zara skirt (it was only eight euros because it has a special price, so if you like it don't hesitate on getting one because it's really comfortable), Miss Sixty's watch and lot's of rings and hearings. I really like blue nail polish, it's one of my favorite colors to use on my nails. I think I might get a darker one, not totally black but yet dark. My style has been changing a lot lately. And I had to use a pair of black boots with the outfit because last week I went out in heels and I twisted my ankle. I really didn't want to hurt myself again so I wore a pair of black boots instead of black high heels (though I think it's much more fashionable and cute to go out in heels rather then in boots). Either ways you know you'll finish your night with your feet screaming for freedom and walking like a total ass on the day after because you can't step your feet on the floor. Come on, who wasn't felt that way yet?

Tonight I have annual cousin's dinner. I am the second youngest cousin on my mother's side and most of them have already have kids so it's really funny when we get all together because there is a lot of noise and we always have stories to share.
Today I leave you with one song that I've been listening to a lot. It's from "New Moon" soundtrack and I totally love it!

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adorei a saia

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I don't love the "I want to live Ibiza" hit, but, I LOVE his newest one "Just fly" enjoy: