I have been k-kinda busy lately. So many classes and so much stuff to learn and memorize! My weekend was nothing special, I studied but I still had the chance to eat pizza with my friends and watch “The House Bunny”. I love that movie, I think Anna Farris is sooo funny. Latelly I have been home with my friends on Saturday nights and I’ve been loving it. It’s so relaxing and we can all have a good laugh together. I’m really blessed with the friends I have, we always have a fun time. Another thing I love to do is to cook, so I’m thinking about adding some food post on this blog aswell. Some advices on restaurants and pictures about the things I do myself. My friends always like what I cook so I guess I’m not bad cooker =)

Another thing that has been keeping my mind busy is my Audiovisual Communication Techniques project. Yes, Lisbon Fashion Week starts tomorrow and me and my group mates have been working on the project really hard. We are going to cover all the event, take amazing pictures, talk to famous people and watch all the shows (front row, we hope). These are the looks and the clothes I chose to wear:

- H&M shorts
- H&M top
- Mango bag
- Miss Sixty watch

- H&M jacket
- Mango dress
- Zara clutch
- Dolce&Gabbana watch
- Accessorize necklace

- H&M dress
- Zara skirt
- Mango bag
- Miss Sixty watch

- Mango t-shirt
- Mango skirt
- Mango bag
- H&M tights
- Miss Sixty watch
- Ray-Ban sunglasses

Do you like the outfits? What would you change? Everyday I’ll post here the pictures I take there so don’t hesitate on becoming a FOLLOWER of this blog!!! I’m really looking forward to see most of the shows and to see what we are going to wear next Winter. But I can’t wait for Summer to arrive. Today the weather was amazing though it was cold (you can’t imagine how cold it is outside when I go to the gym at 7 a.m. and, yes, I’m crazy enough to do that).

Lately my two favourite blogs have been SUGARLAWS and CUPCAKES AND CASHMERE. Both are a big mash-up of fashion, food and lifestyle. If I were you I would totally follow them!

I leave you with two songs I’ve been totally addicted to lately!
So much love <3

l o v e p e a c e a n d p o p c u l t u r e <3

8 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

eu adorooo o teu segundo e ultimo conjunto aserio :)

paula'maria disse...

adorei todos os look's és lindissima, e tens muito bom gosto ;)

sempre a surpreender...

Stace disse...

I loooooooove your dresses in the 2nd and third pic. gorgeous!


Anónimo disse...

gosto especialmente do look numero 3


rita matos disse...

adorei o segundo conjunto! esse vestido da mango é qualquer coisa.. :)

rita matos disse...

adorei o segundo conjunto! esse vestido da mango é qualquer coisa..

Anónimo disse...

Um bocado repetitivo, demasiado HM não? Plus, a franja é um look TÃO BATIDO. Dare to dare.

Simply disse...

Love the Ray ban. They look great on you