I finally found sometime to write here. My days have been crazy, I’ve been so busy, you can’t imagine. My posts haven’t been the that great but it’s the best I could do. I’ve been receiving so many great news lately that I want to share with you. So let’s start. First of all, today I got to know that I’ll be doing Erasmus in Madrid. It’s such a great city and I have so many good friends there so it sounds just perfect. One of main goals is to write a book while I’m there because I want to share all my experiences and feelings. During that time (I’m going to move in September), I’m going to visit Paris with Z. and Amsterdam with my friends from university. I’m really looking forward to all the partying, travelling and getting to know new people.

Another good new is that M.I.A. and David Guetta are coming to Sudoeste! M.I.A. is one of my favourite singers, I just love her. Her songs are crazy and we can really dance to them. “World Town” is one of my favourite songs of all times so I hope she sings it. Last year I got really sad because I didn’t have the chance to see David Guetta, who I totally love, so I’m so happy I’ll have the chance to see him. “Toyfriend”, “Memories” and “Missing You” are some of my favourite songs, I love almost the whole album so I can’t wait to dance to all his songs. Now MGMT have to be confirmed as well so I can explode of happiness, I would love to see them.

Last night, me and my girls went out. IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!! First of all we met at a restaurant named “D’Alma Lounge” for dinner, it’s our favourite restaurant to dinner because it has karaoke and we sing songs together and dance and it’s so much fun. After that we went to a club called “Urban Beach”. It was my first time there and I totally loved it. It’s so much better than “Gossip”. The space is great, it has two rooms, one with house music and another one with electronic and trance music, but it is not my style at all, it smells like weed and you can’t see people’s faces because it’s so dark inside. But the room with house music is awesome. Before the house music, they passed commercial music such has “Single Ladies” from Beyonce. Me and my friends went totally nuts because we love this type of songs and we were dancing with our hands up like “put a ring on it” ahah. We all had so much fun together, but in the end of the night my feet were killing me because of my boots!

Today was Daddy’s day and since I only saw my dad for an hour during lunch, I saved all the surprises for dinner. I didn’t want to give anything material, like a book or something to wear, I just wrote a card as I do every year and I prepared dinner for me and my parents (I don’t have any brothers or sisters). What I decided to do was my specially, pasta with tune in the oven, that is actually one of my father’s favourite dishes, and I bought a pre-made chocolate cake (one of those you put on the oven and it’s done in twenty minutes), I covered it with Nestle chocolate and I did a red M&M’s heart on the top of it and I put strawberry’s on the side. Both of my parents loved it. And so did I. This was the end result:

I’ll spend my weekend studying, I have so many things to do for next week.
I leave you with one of my favourite tunes of the moment, it was featured in this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!
So much love <3

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Loudy disse...

gostei imenso do teu post. Que sorte que vais estudar para madrid, aquilo é lindo. e Paris e Amsterdam , just perfect!

Anónimo disse...

hi there ! your recipe 'pasta with tune' looks delicious, I also live alone and sometimes don't know what to do for dinner, can you get me this recipe?