Good morning everyone! I just had my regular breakfast (eggs, bread, milk, orange juice) and watched a little Cougar Town. I’m going to have a busy day! First of all I’m going Publics and Audiences class, then English and to finish Organizations Management. It has been almost a month since Summer semester begun and there are only three months left before Summer starts. If everything goes as I hope it does I’m going to start vacation on the 9th of June. I know I’m pretty lucky because not everyone gets three months of vacation!

Things to do: buy Rock In Rio ticket for John Mayer, Shakira and Ivete Sangalo day. I’ve checked who is going to Madrid and I have to say that the ones coming here are much better then the ones going to Spain. I’m only jealous they’ll have the chance to see Rihanna and David Guetta. But hope is the last one to die and there’s still a free day (there are no people assigned for the 22nd) and I’m praying that Rihanna and Lady GaGa are coming.

Another thing I have to is to check some residence halls in Barcelona. I’m pretty sure I’m going there for Erasmus and I don’t want to stay in a house. I know I could have a little more freedom and no hours to arrive home but I prefer to be safer in a residence hall and having people cooking for me (I’m good at it anyways) and cleaning (I HATE cleaning). My mother has already showed me a few and now we have to choose. If I go to Barcelona, me and my parents are going there by Easter vacation to check everything out. Probably I’ll have the chance to do some cool shopping and remembering the city. The last time I was there I was seven years old and I don’t remember many of the things I’ve seen. I remember pretty well Portaventura but I guess that is because I was a kid and I keep beautiful memories from it. Me and the friend that are possibly going to Barcelona already promised each other that we are going at least once to Portaventura.

I have to plan my summer vacation as well. It is quite planned now but I have to arrange everything. So in June I’m pretty much going to the beach almost everyday and go out at night to Tamariz, that is the coolest place to go out during summer. I’ve spent there many nights last year and I always had a good time. The DJ’s are awesome and I love the view of the beach from it. In July I plan to have Spanish course and to find a job. I don’t know what job but I need to have money for travelling during Erasmus. I want to go to London, Paris and Amsterdam while I’m out. I might get a job at a store or in a cultural place. I don’t know. And then in August I’m going to Sudoeste for the first time and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Me and camping never got along really well but I know I’m going to have a good time with all the people that have a free spirit like me. And since Empire Of The Sun are going to SuperBockSuperRock, I really hope MGMT come to Sudoeste (Kids is one of my favourite songs of all times). After that I think I might spend some days in Algarve with my parents and then go to Erasmus.

Lisbon Fashion Weeks is starting in one week. I’M SO EXCITED. Me and my work group from Audiovisual Communication Techniques couldn’t be more excited about our project! We are going to cover all the event, we will take awesome pictures and talk to important people in the fashion world. It seems like every girls dream come true!

So this is what I’m going to wear today, Mango top and skirt, H&M tights and on top it a simple black jacket. I hope you guys like the look! I have to go now. One thing I couldn’t be more excited about it’s my university’s party tonight! Tomorrow I’mm give you all the details about what happened!

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Z. disse...

baby, i just loved your post, loved the pictures. o outfit é lindo mesmo, tas major kitty cat. :D não me mencionaste na moda lisboa, portanto espero bem que o pass vip continue reservado p mim. de resto tens um erro ou dois, por exemplo no último parágrafo usaste "where" (onde) em vez de "wear" (vestir).
depois por debaixo das máquinas da lavandaria tu dizes "i'm going to go to the beach" acho que é só "i'm going to the beach".
mais? hummmm chocante com nao disseste que tambem ias comprar um ticket para o dia da miley, porque vens comigo, com a joana, com a vanessa e com a ines. ouviste?
love you very much

Anónimo disse...

Tamariz♥♥ nao vejo a hora ahah! tas tao gira nas fotografias:)

Anónimo disse...

Tamariz♥♥ nao vejo a hora ahah! tas tao gira nas fotografias:)

Anónimo disse...

eu sp achei e continuo a achar q comer ovos ao pequeno almoço faz mal


Monica Mira disse...

De vez em quando dou um salto aqui no teu blog.. gosto mt de alguns posts que fazes!
Em que faculdade é q estudas e qual o curso? é q fiquei roída de inveja por causa disso da Moda Lisboa :P e para além disso eu desisti do meu curso para agora entrar num msm de artes, ainda nao sei bem é qual!
continuação de bons posts
kisses xxxx

ryder disse...

i love Barcelona, such an amazing city.

Anónimo disse...

LOVE the outfit and LOVE MORE the neckless...

Katy disse...

cute! love the leopard ring in the photo above as well!

rita matos disse...

adoro essa saia! eu e a denise tambem vamos no dia da miley mas para ver os mcfly ♥

inês cooper disse...

(aka inesscissorhands) um dia esse colar será meu. tenho dito.