H&M Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Preview - Showroom Pictures

When I first saw H&M Spring/Summer 2013 collection I was totally amazed. All the items are beautiful. Being Summer my favorite season of the year, I always look forward to see what my favorite brands are bringing to the table every year. And I couldn't be more proud of H&M. I feel like starting my Spring/Summer closet right now. I just love the bags on the first picture (I want the three of them actually ahah) and the shirt with crosses all over. What do you think? Already looking forward to the hot days? :)

The amazing treats H&M gave us. We are always so well treated.

5 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Fiquei in love pela mala rosa e pelos sandálias pretas :)
Quando é que estará a venda?

ines duarte disse...

Gostei do post!

Estou a seguir, segue me tambem :)


The Pink Leather Jacket disse...

Adorei a camisa das cruzes!*

Jenny disse...

skull & crosses <3

X Jenny

Usado Reciclado/Facebook disse...

Ha aí uma meia duzia de peças que vinha comigo para casa..aproveitava e também trazia as malas cheias ehhehe
Amei os casaco em pele!

Usado Reciclado/facebook page