If there's one thing that leaves me proud is to see a friend, or someone I know, achieving success through their hard work, sweat and tears. So I couldn't be more excited when I heard that CARMO (a unbelievably talented person and one of my favorite bloggers ever) was launching her own accessories and bag line in partnership with Portuguese brand POISE. And yesterday was the official launch of this amazing partnership! And, let me tell you, all the items are to die for. The bags are made of leather and come in five different shapes. You will find each shape in black, beige or red. My favorite bag is definitely the red one in the first picture. I just love the shape of the bag, it's so different and unusual. But I would be happy with the others too. Basically I want them all. Maybe I will ask Santa for one of these this Christmas :)  Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the accessories, but check them out HERE. Anyways, congrats Carmo for the amazing job and I hope that your line is a huge success! All the items are available at Dândi store in Lisbon.

The beautiful Carmo

Me and Z. (thanks to arturinthewoods)

4 comentários:

Carmo disse...

obrigada meu amor!!!! obrigada pela tua presença e apoio :)

Mariana disse...

oh as malas são mesmo lindas :) era uma de cada ahah


Trendy Lisbon disse...

Giríssimas, as fotos ;)
As malas não ficam nada atrás... Todas um amor!


I.S disse...

Eu adoro por demais a colecção da Carmo. Tem tudo a ver com ela e ficou espectacular!