Bits of my day #2

Today was a really nice day for me. I kicked it off with my mother at Freeport Outlet, where I bought some amazing new executive clothes to bring with me to Switzerland. I don't know if I told you yet, but the school I'll attend has a very strict dress code, so I need to be impeccable all the time. In the afternoon, and before going to the gym (where I've already been four days in a row), I went to Cª das Soluções showroom for the the Open Day of the Spring/Summer 2013 collections, where I've seen a lot of amazing things from many different brands that I like. Now I'm about to go to Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, where I work as a room assistant. Duty is calling!!

The sky was so blue!

A beautiful dress from Lavand.

Amazing food @ Cª das Soluções showroom

American Vintage is awesome!

Repetto ballerinas

4 comentários:

Leandro Contreras disse...

amo o freeport de morte! e agora às quintas deve ser ainda mais giro.


Ana Lúcia disse...

adorei a última foto. :)


Bbonton disse...

Repetto are my favorite shoes! I collect them!

Have a nice WE!


djursh disse...

oh my... that tropical floral prints dress is stunning!