Free People’s Fairytale Inspired November Catalogue

When I was studying in Madrid, two years ago, one of my favorite things was that, even though it was freezing cold outside, it was really sunny. During the five months I lived there, it only rained for ten days, or even less. An it was amazing to go outside, grab a hot chocolate at Starbucks and just feel the city beat. But it also felt really good to stay inside and just watch series in bed. In Portugal it's a bit different because, when it's cold, it rains, and I hate the rain. I hate when it's cloudy. But I love it when it's cold and the sun is shinning outside. There's nothing more amazing than using big sweaters, long skirts with tights underneath and, of course, leggings with Ugg boots. When I first came across the shoot I bring you today, I felt a little bit of nostalgia from my days back in Madrid. I love how every picture is bright, shinny and beautiful, just like my days were. This Free People shoot was inspired by the fantasy of fairytales: The Princess and the Pea, Snow White, The Snow Queen, Twelve Dancing Princesses and Rumpelstiltskin. Isn't it amazing? The styling is incredible, and so are the scenarios. The snow, the horses, the big mattresses. I just love everything. 

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