Lanvin pour H&M - "Watching the sunrise over Madrid at Gran Via 32"

Teens this is my story about my Lanvin experience last Tuesday. It's taken out of the book I'm writing. I hope you enjoy it and I'm really looking forward to show my book to all of you :)

"But something really weird happened at four a.m. I woke up and I couldn’t fall asleep again. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t. So I turned on my computer to try to find something that would help me get sleepy. Nothing worked.

After a few minutes looking at random pictures, I remembered that Lanvin would launch his H&M collection at 8 a.m., one of my favourite stores in the world. I didn’t have that much interest in getting to know the collection, since I had already seen it in an advertisement and I didn’t like it that much (I found that some dresses looked like Christmas wrapping paper).

But, in a craziness attack, at 6 a.m. I dressed up and got out of the residence directly to one of the H&M’s of Gran Via. I went so early because these collections end really quickly and I was doing exactly nothing in bed. If I was already awake, why not going? I thought I was the only crazy person to get up so early and go to the door of a shop in the cold and I was actually afraid of being there alone. But no. Once I got there at half past six, I already had around fifty people ahead of me.

The store only opened at eight so I waited for one hour and a half (I had tights under my jeans, I was full of jackets and my nose was freezing), and I had my iPod on its maximum. Thank God they fed us a cupcake and a cappuccino, otherwise I would have died there. At some point one of the employees of the store showed up and explained to us how was going to roll the vending of this exclusive collection. Every group of twenty people had a bracelet with a different colour which meant the hour of access to the restricted area where the Lanvin pieces were. I was in the third group so I only could get in there by five past nine.

After we had the opportunity to watch the sunrise over Madrid while shaking because of the f*** cold, they opened the doors at eight. Everybody got in the store and, at the entrance, they were giving goodie bags (with Lanvin and H&M stamped on it, separated by a pink heart, and with an huge bordeaux flower stuck on it) with a scarf inside it, everything Lanvin of course. I was really thankful because now I could have something that would make me remember this experience. I just went there to get my own opinion on the collection and to see those pieces live. Everything that was for free was more than welcome.

I went around the store till a quarter to nine and I got in the queue for the exclusive collection, while everybody that had the same hour as me was already in line, ready to put their hands on those pieces and to rip off the hair of the people who stood in their way. They were Lanvin hungry.

At five past nine they let us in and everybody ran, trying to catch the pieces they wanted. I went around, looking and analysing and checking the outrageous prices. The dresses looked like Christmas wrapping paper, as I already said, I didn’t like them at all. The shoes were so 2000 but a little better with diamonds on the heels. The jewellery was too expensive. I only liked the t-shirts (because I really like to wear t-shirts with black leggings) that were thirty euros. I admit that, if I had the money, I would have bought them. But I was so dead broke and I had absolutely no money with me.

As which group could only be fifteen minutes inside the restricted area, when the time was over, a lady rang a bell she had on her hand and we all got out, some with nothing (like me) and others full of clothes, not only Lanvin, but clothes they chose while waiting to get in the restricted area. I’m not surprised if some people spent around five hundred euros all at once.

I got out of the store really satisfied with my new scarf and goodie bag, that I hang in my bedroom once I got to the residence by 10 a.m. I don’t think the collection was to die for but I really liked the t-shirts, it was such a shame that I had no money and I couldn’t bring them with me. But still they are not like true must have items. I can survive without them.

I couldn’t fall asleep the whole morning, I watched “The Social Network” before lunch, where I showed up with the worst face ever. My resimates thought I was crazy for waking up that early. But the sacrifice was worth it. So worth it."

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Girl Chic disse...

So you save your money for other beauty things ;) sales & promotions are coming ;)


Z. disse...

omg. rita seriously! tiveste lanvin a tua frente...e nao sejamos pre historicos. a colecçao era EPICA. enfim...ja leste o meu texto sobre o meu Lanvin day? miss u xx

Constança disse...

Assim já tens uma história para contar :P